Chapter 26- The New Life

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A few years later.....

Azmina's P.O.V
It's seems just yesterday that me and Zaid got married. Alot of things have happened since then. Almost everything has changed.

I went to medical school and got my degree. Zaid says we have enough money and I shouldn't work but I like helping people. I also help people who can't afford the expenses.

Zaid's business has gotten bigger. He now has the 2nd biggest business. The first is Amir's.

We have gotten famous because of that. It was cool at first. I mean everyone wants to be famous right?
Then it started to get really annoying. They would take pictures of us everywhere we go. When I got off my property there would be paparazzi following me until I got back.

Then there was a rumor that I was cheating. They had a photo of me and Amir. I started laughing my head off.

The picture they showed was before I married Zaid. Of course, Zaid thought I was cheating for a minute beforw I explained. He started laughing with me. Shows what the media is really about.

There started being rumours that Zaid was with another girl during his business trips. Zaid denied that. I know Zaid would never do such a thing. He knows that it's against our religion. He never would disobey allah.

Zaid hates Amir. He never told me why. I think it is because of all the drama they had when me and Amir were together.

Amir is now out of my life. He is now married but he and his wife don't seem to love each other. In shaa allah they will.

I love Zaid so much now. He is my Jaan without him my life seems incomplete. He has taken half my heart.

The same goes to Zaid. He seems to fall in love more and more everyday.
We even have a baby girl, her name is Sonia. She is beautiful. She is a year old. I love her so much.

We waited a year before having a child. We didn't want one right away even though everyone was only waiting for that.

Nadia is now married with Omar. They haven't told anyone how they met and how they fell in love. They clearly knew each other before the engagement.

They recently got married. Nadia sadly had to move away to live with Omar. They live a 3 hour plane ride away.

Sarah and her husband have moved in with us. Since Zaid's father got released from the hospital he has been weak. He needs someone to care for him. The only person who doesn't have work is Sarah. So we decided she should take care of him.

My parents moved back to Pakistan. They thought that there daughter was now married and now they can move back. We have most relatives there, that's why they moved.

I am driving home. Zaid wants me to have a personal driver but I love to drive. Some woman in other countries can't drive because it's illegal. I want to feel the freedom I have.

I am driving thinking about what I should make for dinner. I got home and unlocked the door. No one is there right now. Sarah's husband is at work and Zaid's parents and Sarah are at the doctor's for my father in law's check up. I told Zaid I would probably come home at 10 since I had a meeting but they moved it to tomorrow, so I was home early.

I see a pair of women's shoes that aren't mine.

I look at the shoe size. Me, Sarah, and Zaid's mom have the same shoe size. It was a size 3, way too small for us.

I run upstairs to our room. I needed to change out of my work clothes. I open my door to see Zaid with another women.

"Zaid?!" I yell. He looks up and starts to whisper to the women. I don't know who she is because I can't see her face.

"Azmina, this is Noorah. The women I have been cheating on you with."
Sorry for the short update. I thought it would be longer but guess not. By the way, thank you so much for making this story #55 in spiritual!! I screamed when I found out but nothing much happened in my life except that.

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