Chapter 10- I almost got beat up

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Azmina's P.O.V
Zaid told me to stop our lessons and that I should stop talking to him. I wonder what I did wrong. But I guess that's good in case I will marry Amir.

I haven't told them about Amir but in shaa allah I will tell them in lunch. I didn't want to tell them since Sarah is getting married soon but I had to because it wouldn't be right if I didn't.

We went outside on one of the benchs to eat our lunch. People started to avoid us with all the rumours going around. Mostly seniors sat here and they were pretty much the only ones who knew. So it was only the three of us.

We start eating our lunch when Leslie and her freinds cane up to us. "This is our seat so get up." she says. We dont care what she says, so we ignored her.

"Excuse me, I said get up" she says once more. We just ignored her. "Harry!!!!" she screams. Oh shiz, Harry is the quarterback at our school.

He runs to her and says "What's up?". Leslie replies "She punched me and threatened me!" she then points at me. Harry was about to pick me up by my shirt, when Zaid comes.

"Harry, stop." he goes in front of my to protect me. Then Harry stops and they bro hugs Zaid. They start talking about random ish before Harry says "move, I need to kill this girl.". Zaid's eyes widen. "She did nothing I saw." Zaid says, trying to protect me again. "Well, I trust you Zaid.You are my budfy after all" with that, Harry leaves.

"Omg, thank you so much Zaid. I could hug you right now if it was halal." I say, with happiness in my voice. Maryam whispers in Zaid's ear "you wish it were halal." it seemed like I wasn't supposed hear that.

By halal, do they mean get married? Was what she was saying a joke or not? Of course it was a joke. Zaid would never like me. Zaid would like a girl who is as hot as him. Wait, where did that come from?

"Zaid, I missed you so much. Can we talk and continue the lessons?" I ask him. He looks hesitate. "Are you sure?" he asks. "Yes, 100%" I tell him, with confidence. "Ok fine." he says finally. I was so happy I was jumping up and down.

After all of that I didn't remember to tell Nadia and Sarah. I got home and was about to go to my room before my mom stopped me. "I want an answer." she simply told me. I didn't know what my answer was. I felt like saying no and yes.

Then I saw my mom jumping up and down. "Mom, why are you jumping up and down?" I asked her, really confused. "Beta, are you dumb? I am happy you said yes.

Then I realize I said yes without even knowing or thinking.

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