Fall For You - Liam Payne Fan Fiction

Fall For You - Liam Payne Fan Fiction

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Your Secret Lover. By xoxosecretlover Completed

She was heartbroken. He was heartbroken too.

Coralie was told to stay with her brother's friend during her holidays because her brother thought that she was not capable in taking care of herself especially after breaking up with her boyfriend of 2 years. Not knowing that her brother's friend was actually a member of a One Direction, she agreed. Even after she founds out, she still stay put.

But being around the boys don't really help with her being so heartbroken of her ex-boyfriend and she was really afraid to fall in love again. She thought to herself that she doesn't want anymore heartbreaks. Jealousy then occurs when she started seeing Liam Payne, her brother's friend, been hanging close with one of the Little Mix member, Jesy Nelson whom also joined them for their holidays.

Would she give her heart another try seeing she has something growing in her for Liam or would she hold on to her "I'm afraid to fall in love again" ?


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IshaLovesLiam IshaLovesLiam Apr 13, 2014
mummy was so rude! and bf.. woops.. ex bf was a jerk!  but i'm lovin the storyyy! :)
xoxosecretlover xoxosecretlover Jun 04, 2013
@chubbchubbs0809 Awwwh I'd like them to be together but too bad they're just good friends ;) x
chubbchubbs0809 chubbchubbs0809 Jun 04, 2013
But...... I like Jesy.... Ohhh they'd be Jiam or Lesy awh Lesy
_SunnySideUp_ _SunnySideUp_ Jan 07, 2013
Great start! How her boyfriend broke up with her was terrible - his mom was horrible, too!
niamsoath niamsoath Jan 07, 2013
a little bit cliché, but its a pretty good start :) I'm startin to like this story ;)
niamsoath niamsoath Jan 07, 2013
will read more of the story and this is a great start, so two thumbs up! altho there are lots of stories with the 'I'm afraid to fall in love again' plot, i feel yours will be different, in a good way :)