Looking To Belong (A Runt's Story) by CrystalScherer
Looking To Belong (A Runt's Story)by Crystal Scherer
Everyone wants a place to belong, and Jade is no exception. Her pack was killed when she was twelve, making her a rogue by default. She approached numerous packs in hope...
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  • thebutterflyawards
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The Bad Boy's Got Bets (COMPLETED) by honeymoon-avenue
The Bad Boy's Got Bets (COMPLETED)by honeymoon-avenue
Jade Pesado was perfectly happy with her life, but when "bad boy" Ryder Steele moves in next door she doubts his family will be there long. But after an annoyi...
  • ryder
  • jade
  • cliche
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✓ | CLEMENTINE,          lucas zumann  by sadiesinkers
✓ | CLEMENTINE, lucas zum...by ━
' FOR THE LAST GOD DAMN TIME MY NAMES CLEMENTINE! ' In which an actor won't remember an actresses name and that leads to multiple two a.m conversations. [ Lucas Jade Zum...
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The Chosen One ( Male OC reader x RWBY Harem) by Balasubas19
The Chosen One ( Male OC reader x...by Umbrella
Your Name is Y/N L/N. You didn't know who you're parents are. Ozpin invited you to join Beacon academy. What could go wrong? -This book is inspired by Drange's The Unsee...
  • rwby
  • male
  • cree
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NOTIFICATIONS | L.ZUMANN [1] by annpirvu
"I fell to hard for someone that didn't know how to catch" [ Lucas Zumann ] [ social media ] [ Started 1/09/2017 ] [ ended 8/10/2017 ] this book (and sequel)...
  • shadowhunters
  • amybeth
  • rowanblanchard
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Instagram》♡Jerrie by LittleR02
Instagram》♡Jerrieby RB
Will they end up with each other? Or will things go wrong?
  • leighannepinnock
  • littlemix
  • pez
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Secret For The Mad | Free Rein [Pin] by Phandilocks
Secret For The Mad | Free Rein [Pi...by Georgia♛
♘ On the day of her mothers funeral Harper Reynolds runs to the beach where she meets Pin Hawthorn, he takes her back from the beach but she doesn't even learn his name...
  • becky
  • freerein
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Bella's Secret Sister  by BriannaWhitlock
Bella's Secret Sister by Anna
Things aren't going well in Bella's and Edwards relationship, making Bella doubt her decisions. It's even harder when you have a big secret that seems closer to being re...
  • humor
  • bella
  • sister
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The new girl ✔ by Og_Granola
The new girl ✔by OGBatMan
~CURRENTLY UNDERGOING EDITING~ jade and Beck had just recently broke up a new girl comes her name aryion what happens when jade starts to fall for her gp warning means g...
  • andré
  • lizgillies
  • jade
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It All Started by NIALLFAN345
It All Startedby NIALLFAN345
Everything could change because of A game of Truth or Dare.Find out why?
  • cat
  • victorious
  • west
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WhatsApp ✩ Jerrie by yourchemicals
WhatsApp ✩ Jerrieby x
「 2 0 1 6 」 What happens when Perrie accidentally sends her nudes to an unknown number?
  • thirlwall
  • nelson
  • little
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Like Cats and Dogs -Jori by disnickyx
Like Cats and Dogs -Joriby disnickyx
Tori and Jade don't get along. They're always fighting, even over the smallest of things. But then Tori's ex shows up at Hollywood Arts; and he's dating a girl named Mel...
  • victorious
  • fakedating
  • jori
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Your Forbidden (Jerrie) by CrazDenaz
Your Forbidden (Jerrie)by Denae
Temptation. Would you go against everything you believed in to have what you want, even if it's wrong? Or would you rather it drive you insane?
  • thirlwall
  • littlemixfanfiction
  • temptation
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Nathan's Fake Girlfriend ✓ by _M4DH4TTER_
Nathan's Fake Girlfriend ✓by >_<
A book of nerds, bad boys and revenge. "I'm a mess you don't wanna fix." Nathan Brooks wants to get back at his ex-girlfriend Chelsea for cheating on him. The...
  • nathan
  • twisted
  • goodgirl
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Good Enough (A Jerrie FanFiction) by nelsonsnachos
Good Enough (A Jerrie FanFiction)by katie
Jade Thirlwall; member of British four-piece Little Mix. Vibrant smile, and an unstoppable personality. That is until one night when everything changed. When something h...
  • jade
  • jerrie
  • leighanne
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Living the Dream [JERRIE] by sendallthehelp
Living the Dream [JERRIE]by sendallthehelp
Jade and Perrie, one half of the biggest girl band in the entire world. What will happen once they start to develop feelings for each other? How will their band mates an...
  • girlxgirl
  • jade
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Houseki no kuni one shots by GHouLexKiller
Houseki no kuni one shotsby I'm a mess
I won't take ocs x canon character I can take reader x oc of mine if curious I'm obsessed with the anime even if it's only one season so far. I'm sticking to characters...
  • landofthelustrous
  • dia
  • jade
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South Shields by hoodieniall
South Shieldsby hoodieniall
When Perrie's friend makes her go to a party, she doesn't know that Jade Thirlwall will be there, the girl who will change everything. Jade is the dismissed and "di...
  • perrie
  • jade
  • jadethirlwall
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Little Mix and y/n  by Mixer-JLSLover10
Little Mix and y/n by Mixer-JLSLover10
This story is simply about Y/N and Little Mix. (With other stars of course!) Completed 29th January 2017 Highest: #603 in fan fiction
  • ỷn
  • jesynelson
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The Coach's Daughter, my wife (Jerrie) by scobidoo
The Coach's Daughter, my wife (Jer...by scobidoo
They say being married makes everything easier. But what if the happy couple happens to be one of the world's hottest popstars and a football prodigy? Watch as Jerrie wo...
  • leighannepinnock
  • jerrie
  • football
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