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Where It Began by NIALLFAN345
Where It Beganby NIALLFAN345
Everything could change because of A game of Truth or Dare.Find out why?
Little mix One shots by J3ssbarrettt
Little mix One shotsby Jessica Barrett
You ask and I'll write
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dancing queen (beck oliver) by angelinababey
dancing queen (beck oliver)by netflix slut
you are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen. ---- indigo ophelia dubois was a dance and visual arts double major at new york arts high school, but she's u...
.・FREAKS | Jade  by Beatriccii
.・FREAKS | Jade by Beatriccii
JADE WEST | male!oc -> Tori Vega, a sixteen-year-old girl, finally gets a chance to prove herself and shine away from her sister's shadow after she gets to attend a w...
My Confession by mookieroo
My Confessionby mookieroo
Tori is dating Jade but her parents don't know she is Gay. She decides to tell them but she doesn't know how they will react. Will her relationship suffer after confront...
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The Silent Girl by thirlwallsbows_
The Silent Girlby caits
Jade Thirlwall, 17 and mute. She hasn't said a word since she was 11. Her mams job caused her to transfer to a different school, in a new part of South Shields. Will she...
Trouble (EDITING) (Lesbian Story) (Jori) by SoulessObsession
Trouble (EDITING) (Lesbian Story)...by Mono No Aware
Tori and Jade's fights are infamous at Hollywood Arts. They fight in the morning, they fight at lunch, they fight in the evening. When they get a drama assignment togeth...
Are you still having doubts? by Imscaredoforeos
Are you still having doubts?by Imscaredoforeos
My first fic Forgive me for my poor english No smut will be entirely platonic sillies.
Jerrie One Shot-ish Stories | Book 1 by LittleRed945
Jerrie One Shot-ish Stories | Book...by LittleRed & Just Gyle
Welcome to our Jerrie One Shot-ish Stories! Oh, and with a fresh look of the cover! There will be slight changes to the first few tales that we've already published. But...
Twisted Wonderland x (Todoroki) Reader by Memesuga01
Twisted Wonderland x (Todoroki) Re...by Memesuga01
Follow Todoroki (Y/n) in her journey of being in Twisted Wonderland, and on the way somehow having a harem of boys following after her. {This follows the English version...
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Severity by Whatitdofifthharmony
Severityby A Fxcking God
*Does not follow the Legacies plot* ⚠️Hope G!P Hope and Josie seem to not get a long, a change of event might change that... ~Best Rankings~ #1 josiesaltzman #1 hosie
Is It Worth The Pain by jori4lifeee
Is It Worth The Painby Lydia Skye
Tori Vega attends Hollywood arts. Only to fall in love with a girl, a bully even. But something happens and it changes her life... WARNING! This story contains mention o...
A Purrfect Match!~ by xxsxmsfics
A Purrfect Match!~by {samuelqryt}
crack fic read at your own risk Hey there! My name's Samuel and my friend and I thought of this ABSOLUTE CRACK SHIP because we have a headcannon that Jade is a meth deal...
Looking To Belong (A Runt's Story) by CrystalScherer
Looking To Belong (A Runt's Story)by Crystal Scherer
Living as a rogue is hard enough, but doing so as a runt is even harder. Rogues, lawless wolves, and ferals are only some of the dangers Jade must face while living in...
Twisted Wonderland came out of my phone!? by FloofMahLife
Twisted Wonderland came out of my...by #BossA$$BïTçH
Basically what the title said. Just the characters randomly appearing out of our phone while we we're just doing whatever.
The Missing Goetia by DragonLover366
The Missing Goetiaby River
Y/n Goeita the eldest child of Stella and Stolas leaves home only to be transported to a magic school. Will she feel more accepted there than at home?
(2) Reincarnation of the Businesswoman at School by pixieninn
(2) Reincarnation of the Businessw...by ° ninn
Desclaimer: This is for offline puproses only!! This story is not mine, nor the the translations. All credits to the author Synopsis : She was originally a puppet of her...
The Black Section's Princess (PART ONE) [EDITING] by sinnerlx
The Black Section's Princess (PART...by AC
EDITING. Expect some changes. COMPLETED | TBSP PART ONE Aeriz Jade L. Gozon A girl who was tired of running. She just want to be loved by her parents, but destiny was cr...
Twisted Wonderland x reader: Magic Baby!  by Swimmer101Rose2
Twisted Wonderland x reader: Magic...by Swimmer101Rose2
Y/n was barely sixteen year old before she got pregnant. Don't get her wrong, she never slept with anyone or wanted to be pregnant. She was sold off by her parents to a...
Imprisoned Love (Jori) by JoriLovr
Imprisoned Love (Jori)by Jori4Life
Jade blackmails Tori into fake dating her so that she can make Beck jealous after their break up. However, things don't go entirely to plan and Tori and Jade must try to...