WhatsApp ✩ Jerrie by yourchemicals
WhatsApp ✩ Jerrieby x
「 2 0 1 6 」 What happens when Perrie accidentally sends her nudes to an unknown number?
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He is my roommate by Zero_ten
He is my roommateby Luv❤️
Jenny Coleman has another thing coming her way when she finds out who her new roommate is.... *completed*
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PILIHAN KEDUA FOREVER || KJI ❤by zkdlin_이카.♥
Seorang lelaki yang akan kehilangan isteri kerana kanser ovari tahap 4.. Dalam masa saat gering isterinya itu, si suami itu diminta untuk mencari seorang ibu baru untuk...
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Comments [Harry Styles]  by witharryx
Comments [Harry Styles] by gloria
- ENG - @harrystyles started following you. @harrystyles liked your post. @harrystyles commented on your post. @harrystyles replied to your comment on your post. Can the...
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JERRIE SEQUEL!  by littlemixlove22
JERRIE SEQUEL! by littlemixlove22
This is the sequel to jerrie, it's about the girls and their growing family, how their children deal with growing up in the public eye, how life gets a little complicate...
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Knee injuries  by joshe_
Knee injuries by R
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alexis Jameson, a pair that have been together since birth. They were born days apart and can't stand a long period of time without one anoth...
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Your Forbidden (Jerrie) by CrazDenaz
Your Forbidden (Jerrie)by Denae
Temptation. Would you go against everything you believed in to have what you want, even if it's wrong? Or would you rather it drive you insane?
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Arshi One Shots! by ShaniceKazmi
Arshi One Shots!by Shani
Ranked #603 in short story (14/6/17) A book which will contain all of my One Shots on the most loved couple: ARNAV and Khushi. Includes: Sanam Teri Kasam Returning Hom...
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BLAST / SURVIVAL A.F by ljin /
❝ we'll make it FIRE, we are BLAST !! ❞ in which 20 trainees compete in a survival show to debut in a ...
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crush ✧ j.t by glowinjade
crush ✧ j.tby ☽
It's moments like these where I feel like there's a chance. Like this could be a thing. But then I remember everything suddenly changes when Jed comes in to the equation.
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Jerrie| The beginning  by littlemixotp
Jerrie| The beginning by Jerrie Is My Life
Jade and Perrie have been together for 1 year now and the band little mix is rising up the charts. The stress is unbearable. Will things get worse for the couple? Perrie...
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My Happiness // Harry Styles (MS Sequel) by lonelyheartt
My Happiness // Harry Styles (MS S...by lonelyheartt
What happens when you go on tour with you best friends and ex-boyfriend? While the sexual tension is rising and rumors are flying how can Vara handle a world wide tour w...
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Adopted by Jade Thirlwall by ForeverBadgers
Adopted by Jade Thirlwallby Sam
Sam just another fan until she gets adopted by one of her idols Jade Thirlwall. Things might just be turning up for her well she's in for quite a surprise. This book is...
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Little Adoption [Discontinued Until Further Notice!] by ILoveYouAllALot
Little Adoption [Discontinued Unti...by Kaylee
Danielle, better known as Dani, hasn't spoken for 9 years. She gets bullied everyday, has trust issues and lives in an orphanage, where she is the oldest, only being 13...
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Demi's Warrior *Series completed* by onedirection8680
Demi's Warrior *Series completed*by Brit
*BOOK 3!* This book is completed! If you haven't read book 1 or 2 (Demi's Miracle {Book 1} or Demi's Skyscraper {Book 2}) Read those first!! * * * * Demi finds herself...
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Pre-School [Jerrie AU] by JerrieStares
Pre-School [Jerrie AU]by jul (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
"It all began with Pre-School." Perrie is a pre-k 4 teacher at Little Friends Pre-School. Jade is a single mother to her lovely daughter, Arabella, who goes to...
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RUTHLESS // Calum Hood ( SLOW UPDATES) by gigglyxhood
RUTHLESS // Calum Hood ( SLOW UPDA...by Maxine
One day I was a normal girl. Fresh out of college ready to start my life as an adult. Then, the next day I met him- he was beautifully dark and dangerous. I was attrac...
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Harry Styles Imagines. by caitlynmia0123
Harry Styles Imagines.by caitlyn mia quinn
some imagines for my lovely readers all the love caitlyn xoxo
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Can you help me? Jerrie Currently being edited. by JustAWriter4u
Can you help me? Jerrie Currently...by JustAWriter4u
Currently being edited
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World of Chances || Jerrie by HRC_1704
World of Chances || Jerrieby Primo
World of Chances In this world full of secrets, hatred, violence, will love and friendship conquer it all? (c) HRC
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