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Meant to be - (alerrie love island) by kamalsnsh152
Meant to be - (alerrie love island)by Alerrie1618
Perrie and alex go on the show "love island" they try to find love. There in a nice, big villa in Spain. They make friends, relationships but there will be cha...
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Family Life by Jerrie_Thirlz14
Family Lifeby xx Cerys xx
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's 16 year old son Luke, decides to go live with his Father and wife and his 3 baby siblings after he is scouted for a local Under 18 Championship...
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Royalty by Perrieislyfe
Royaltyby Perrieislyfe
When the Prince calls for you, would you answer? Disclaimer: I have made up the royal family, just so you do not get confused with the true British Royal Family.
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Alerrie~ I Love You by NothingLikeAlerrie
Alerrie~ I Love Youby NothingLikeAlerrie
What happens when Perrie and Alex meet at a party and they start to get closer? Perrie catches feelings for alex but he doesn't yet.. Alex's ex got back into his life an...
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Alerrie - Fuckboy by alerriee
Alerrie - Fuckboyby Alerrie
What if the fuckboy of the school finally falls in love again. Will Perrie tell him all her secrets? Will they be happy? Or will Alex go back into his old state? Alex a...
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Perrieedwards // Instagram // an alerrie story by perrielmixx
Perrieedwards // Instagram // an perrielmixx
PerrieEdwards posted a photo Alexoxchamberlain posted a photo
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Alerrie by kamalsnsh152
Alerrieby Alerrie1618
Perrie is Alex's next door neighbour she gets his parcels a lot and she has to leave them over to his house. She likes alex so what will happen?💓
alerrie one shots ♡ by perriespillowtalk
alerrie one shots ♡by Ruby 🖤
hi all! just some cute alerrie one shots that I've come up with. pls feel free to comment requests!
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Alerrie - Im yours by alerriee
Alerrie - Im yoursby Alerrie
I thought it was just going to be a stupid set up. But it got so much more then that. I fell in love again. He wasn't like the other guys, he was special. He knew me, he...
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How Alerrie Became Alerrie by ella21nov
How Alerrie Became Alerrieby Ella Griffiths
This is my first story guys so i'm sorry if its not 100% perfect but i'll try my best for you guys!!! This story will be about Alerrie and how they met.(as you can prob...
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Alerrie One Shots by CaitlinQuinn6
Alerrie One Shotsby Caitlin Quinn
A book full of One-Shots about the beautiful couple Perrie Louise Edwards and Alex Oxlade -Chamberlain. If anyone has any requests, don't hesitate to send me a private...
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One true love - alerrie by littlemixpllfan
One true love - alerrieby littlemixpllfan
Inside Alerrie's relationship May contain sexual events further down the line
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AxP - Will We Be? by CoolCatJade
AxP - Will We Be?by CoolCatJade
Perrie and Alex's friendship takes a turn for the worse, when Perrie's feelings for Alex turn into more. Alex, who had never had meaningful relationship, begins to feel...
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Alerrie one shots ♡ by alerriee
Alerrie one shots ♡by Alerrie
Alerrie one shots :) feel free to request!
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online ↬ alerrie  by llinastyles
online ↬ alerrie by lina 🇭🇷
COMPLETED | unknown: We repeat, dont we? Perrie: Who is that? unknown:um,Alex.We met at the party...? Perrie: I wasn't at any party... (STARTED: 01.08.'17.) (ENDED: 2...
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Family Forever ♾ // an alerrie story  by __alerrie_
Family Forever ♾ // an alerrie __alerrie_
Perrie's younger sister is having trouble at home. Will she help? Does Perrie know?
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Alerrie: His Son by tropicaltea
Alerrie: His Sonby 🌴🌴🌴
When Alex finds out he has a 13 year old son from a previous relationship, his whole world is turned upside down. Suddenly, there are hundreds of questions to be answere...
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Mini Mix (Little Mix Future Generation)  by jerriesbitch
Mini Mix (Little Mix Future jerriesbitch
The story of Thea Elliott, Anastasia Gray, Mila Oxlade-Chamberlain and Lilith Byart, also known as the Daughters of Little Mix. Love, heartbreak, friendship and all the...
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Winner Takes All by Nightmarenacho
Winner Takes Allby Habs
~ A Jerrie Thirlwards Romance ~ Perrie Edwards wanted nothing more than to pursue her musical dream and for that, she was ready to break any boundary that stopped her. J...
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Alerrie Relationship Series by theperrieway
Alerrie Relationship Seriesby theperrieway
Perrie and Alex's journey as their relationship progresses overtime.
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