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The Story of My Life by erica_xoxo_
The Story of My Lifeby Erica Francesca
Alexa Calder is a girl with many talents. She can sing, act, and dance. At school she gets straight A's and is in all advanced classes. One day she decides to hang out...
  • eleanor
  • harry
  • calder
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What Happened? [EDITING] by yoandrirat
What Happened? [EDITING]by Gaby
I hate him. He lied. He said he wouldn't forget me but he did. He replaced me. Its been four years since i ever saw him but by bumping into him changes everything. "...
  • louis
  • niall
  • zayn
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The Dumb Place by Omegathyst
The Dumb Placeby Omegathyst
After Michael forks up for the second time, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason end up in your typical torturous Bad Place full of lava monsters and flying bears. The prob...
  • chidi
  • vore
  • tahani
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His First by owang29
His Firstby owang29
He has everything. The Look, The Fame, The Fortune, The Power. Everyone in the world knows him. Some say he has no soul, just because he doesn't even blink when he crush...
  • nobles
  • eleanor
  • story
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Don't Mark Me by Tanii915
Don't Mark Meby Tanii S.
Mates are destined to be together forever. They are meant to love each other, care for each other, guard and protect each other from any mishaps and dilemmas, no matter...
  • beauty
  • luna
  • teenfiction
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When Reality Sets In (Harry Styles) by MetteMA
When Reality Sets In (Harry Styles)by Mette
An untypical love story between a boy and a girl. When they were younger they did not know that the small, kind gesture she had made all those years ago would end up hav...
  • love
  • niall
  • harry
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Long lost sister by tangledash
Long lost sisterby Belle
What happens when Sammy Calder finds out that her life for 18 years has been a lie. Every asks her about Eleanor and she always says no because that is what she has been...
  • direction
  • tomlinson
  • one
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Leonidas by LaurenMGranich
Leonidasby Lauren :)
~A FEATURED WATTPAD STORY~ COMPLETED Leonidas is a cold, domineering Alpha that lets no one stand in his way. Eleanor is a plain she-wolf living in a pack that treats w...
  • leonidas
  • cruel
  • wolves
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El, 1D, & I by unchartedhearts
El, 1D, & Iby мeℓody (✿◠‿◠)
Lucy Evans' life is great. She finally broke up with her jerk boyfriend and is attending a performing arts college. It's when she's on her way to visiting her cousin Ele...
  • calder
  • direction
  • one
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Dancing around Friendship & Love (Hiatus) by boredfanficwriter
Dancing around Friendship & Love (...by Jodi
Dancing has been all Lily thought about since she was young. With best friend, Danielle's help Lily can add One Direction choreographer to her list but with tour and fri...
  • malik
  • niall
  • direction
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Girl At Home by ThatLarryShipper1989
Girl At Homeby ThatLarryShipper1989
  • tomlinsonlarry
  • harry
  • styles
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A Mess It Grows. by Kaylaannikab
A Mess It Grows.by Kaylaannikab
  • calder
  • zerrie
  • horan
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Begin Again by your_wonderwall
Begin Againby your_wonderwall
“You have to stop pretending like everything is fine Liz, your broken and you need fixing” I stare at Ash my best friend for so many years, I almost believed for a secon...
  • tomlinson
  • eleanor
  • horan
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The Diary Of Eleanor Calder by Teenagetragedyxoxo
The Diary Of Eleanor Calderby Teenagetragedyxoxo
Eleanor Jane Calder. Louis Tomlinson. The world. What happens if it gets to much? Who dies? Who hurts?
  • eleanor
  • larry
  • fanficton
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Life is not a wish granting factory. by SophieHoran96
Life is not a wish granting factor...by soph
I stood in the middle of the hall, that hall that would take me to aisle to find my beautiful girlfriend, but all I could do is remember Harry, Harry and his green eyes...
  • love
  • eleanor
  • wedding
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I'm Just Borrowing Her {Eleanor Calder + Louis Tomlinson + One Direction} by JustAnotherSoph
I'm Just Borrowing Her {Eleanor Ca...by Soph
It was a normal Saturday, with my family, just to the Cinema. I was just trying to spend as much time as I could with my Mum, before she goes out of the country for some...
  • louis
  • eleanor
  • tomlinson
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Seit Jahren | Larry Stylinson OneShot | #iceSplinters19 by InfinityCollies
Seit Jahren | Larry Stylinson OneS...by InfinityCollies
„Harry fühlte sich wie ein Teenager, dem zum ersten Mal das Herz gebrochen wurde."
  • harry
  • tomlinson
  • harrystyles
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Fate is Fate(Sequel to:ATF)Niall Horan Fanfic by Oreo_Lover10
Fate is Fate(Sequel to:ATF)Niall H...by Nic✌
(Sequel to: Afraid to Fall) It's been four long years since niall cheated on nick She moved to Manchester and found her new boyfriend Caspar Lee, Which is her Childhood...
  • carrie
  • styles
  • edwards
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A Different Kind of Slytherin by effykat
A Different Kind of Slytherinby Effy Cook
Eleanor St. Clair, a native of Scotland, has been homeschooled her entire life. Her family, a long line of powerful Slytherins, were the ones to teach her everything she...
  • magic
  • clair
  • fiction
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Back To December.. A Harry Styles FanFic by ItsATammyThing
Back To December.. A Harry Styles...by Tammy
She was my first love.... My best friend.......my everything. she was my backbone the reason i started singing. the reason i even auditioned for XFACTOR. she was the rea...
  • liam
  • zayn
  • payne
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