Happier-alerrie by alerrie_1
Happier-alerrieby alerrie_1
Perrie and Alex were a happy couple until something happened and one of them wasn't the same any more this leaded to the end of their relationship what will happened whe...
  • alerrie
  • perrie
  • alexandperrie
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broken. || alerrie ff by slayedwards
broken. || alerrie ffby slayedwards
Perrie, a shy beautiful blonde is stuck with an abusive boyfriend and sees no possible way out of it. Will it ever change? Will someone be able to find out what's wrong...
  • chamberlain
  • perrie
  • alex
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Is Your Love Enough? (Jerrie Thirlwards FF) by Saraya_Bevis_is_bae
Is Your Love Enough? (Jerrie Saraya_Bevis_is_bae
Perrie is the most popular girl in highschool Jade is a nerd that everyone doesnt like But when Perrie finally talks to Jade, will she fall in love? Read to find out!
  • leigh-anne
  • perrie
  • jade
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LoVeLEsS » LeRRiE by morsmxrdre
LoVeLEsS » LeRRiEby ˗ˏˋeLLiE ˎˊ˗
It all started with a sleepless night... » formerly known as playground // lerrie «
  • leigh
  • edwards
  • fan
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Anonymous by Jadeylm5
Anonymousby Brianna
Jade and Perrie have been best friends since they can remember. They do everything together all the time and it's had an affect on Perrie's emotions. Perrie isn't confus...
  • perrieedwards
  • jerriethirlwards
  • littlemix
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Pesy: Smut Book by stripmix
Pesy: Smut Bookby _
Sexual Scenes with Pesy, containing scenes inapropate for children. Most of these are taken from Tumblr, the difference between original and my book is the ship.
  • mix
  • perrie
  • leighannepinnock
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Little Mix One Shots by LM_Lover_2016
Little Mix One Shotsby LM_Lover_2016
Just a few one shots about the queens themselves Little Mix. Request if you wish!
  • littlemix
  • alerrie
  • jesynelson
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REFLECTION ° FINNICK ODAIR by queenofscandal
" no one gets the right to tell me who to be " ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*°☆ Shade Whitewater was supposed to be safe. Her father's position as m...
  • dylanobrien
  • rebellion
  • finnickodair
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Beyond The Cameras (Zayn Malik Fanfiction) SLOW UPDATES by Irmina_95
Beyond The Cameras (Zayn Malik ♥Minion60♥
Zayn Malik and Perrie Fanfiction. Note- Perrie, isn't famous. Sensitive Content
  • perrie
  • malik
  • fanfiction
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Instant by prankadoodle
Instantby prankadoodle
What happens when you instantly fell for someone who you just saw on Instagram?
  • littlemix
  • laurenjauregui
  • leighannepinnock
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Baby "Jayn" by DirectionY0u
Baby "Jayn"by -Sི-
"Am Jayn" "Zayn, huh?" "How old are you?" "Twee" © directiony0u Cover: @zuhayn
  • niallhoran
  • 1dfanfic
  • harrystyles
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Alerrie: His Son by tropicaltea
Alerrie: His Sonby 🌴🌴🌴
When Alex finds out he has a 13 year old son from a previous relationship, his whole world is turned upside down. Suddenly, there are hundreds of questions to be answere...
  • alexoxladechamberlain
  • perrieedwards
  • jadethirlwall
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Jerrie Family by ZiallHeroes
Jerrie Familyby ZiallHeroes
Love will find its way... g!p Jade, preg! Perrie
  • littlemixfanfiction
  • zerrie
  • lgbt
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Only You by alerrie_1
Only Youby alerrie_1
One night stand was all it was for her but not for him .
  • alexoxlade
  • littlemix
  • alexerrie
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Could This Be Real? • Jerrie (G!P Perrie) by itz_jerrie_bishh_05
Could This Be Real? • Jerrie (G! Jeed Edwards
Perrie Edwards, a fantastic surfer, who had won many awards and medals for her talent. Originally from the UK but was living in L.A, near a beach as it would be easier f...
  • perrie
  • thirlwall
  • jerriethirlwards
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Long Before We Both Thought The Same Thing , Larry Stylinson by queen5NewBrokenScene
Long Before We Both Thought The tete
One thing leads to another and Louis lies about having a boyfriend. How should he have known that those people would find him again? Now he has to act all lovely dovely...
  • larrystylinson
  • larry
  • lukehemmings
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Write Your Name || Jerrie by gyle09
Write Your Name || Jerrieby Just Gyle
"Don't worry, Blondie," Leigh-Anne says. "She hasn't taken her break, yet." Perrie works in the cafe of her local bookstore and she's kinda crushing...
  • perrielouiseedwards
  • littlemix
  • jadethirlwall
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I'll Be Superhuman (One Direction Fanfiction) by _Its_Zen_
I'll Be Superhuman (One Zen
You thought you knew One Direction. But everything you heard is just their cover story. These boys are hiding something. Something... Super ;) Harry Styles falls alseep...
  • payne
  • perrie
  • tomlionson
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Evangeline Payne daughter of Liam Payne {The first book in the Payne series} by MyPrettyDear
Evangeline Payne daughter of My Pretty Dear
Evangeline Payne. Just a normal girl until you get to her last name. She is Liam Payne's daughter. Come read about her life. {Completed} # 41 in House (12/2/2018) # 5 in...
  • house
  • wattys2018
  • bisexual
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You and Me (Larry Stylinson) by BekHartrick
You and Me (Larry Stylinson)by LarrySHIPPER
I looked at Louis, studying his features for the first time. I hate to admit, but he kind of looked hot. I see Louis gently shut his eyes, and rest back into the couches...
  • extremeflufffffff
  • harryxlouis
  • liampayne
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