IF He Died

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Please go ahead and fill in your reactions with your husbands' deaths. It'd be fun to read various reactions from all of you than having me set a fixed reactions for each of you.

No, not that I'm lazy or uncreative or anything. No, absolutely not. *sweating*

Midoriya Izuku

When Midoriya died,

Everyone who showed up at his funeral cried, Todoroki, Eri, Kouta. Yes, even Bakugou. Though he cried secretly in the toilet. Midoriya was a hero to everyone, and he will always be.

His children would cry every single day, non-stop. They won't eat even when their mother told them to. They really love their father.

He's more like a housewife than his wife. He would wake the children up and prepare breakfast. They are used to waking up with his smile.

So when Ichika was sleeping and the curtain suddenly opened, she would groan "Five more minutes, Daddy..."

But when she opened her eyes, his smile wasn't the one she saw.

Then she would start the day by crying.

Bakugou Katsuki

When Bakugou died,

The citizens were shocked. Sure, he wasn't the best hero because of his constantly curses and villainous acts, but he's still the hero who risked his life for everyone.

Now having no one who would yell at them for every little things, try his best not to curse but fail miserably, and who would chase them around when they made fun of him, the children were stunned.

Mizuki, she was Bakugou's favorite child. She's sweet and looks like her mother. Just imagine how much he loves her. And that's also how much she loves him.

She cried along with her brother, Itsuki. He's always making fun of Bakugou and anooying him to no end. But that's all because he liks him. He really, really loves him. He wanted to spend every day with him.

But now, they couldn't see his face anymore.

Losing his father would make his life easier. He'll threw a party and dance in front of his tombstone. Or so Katsuya thought.

But here he is, down on all four in front of his altar, crying his heart out.


The attendees watched him with pity. Some of then trying to calm him down, mainly his mother, Midoriya, and Kirishima.

"You're our hero... aren't you...?"

"So why did you leave us...?"

Todoroki Shouto

When Todoroki died,

There are no words that could describe how devastated his family was. Rei and Fuyumi could barely stand when they attended the funeral. Endeavour didn't shed a tear in public, but it was as clear as a day from his eyes that he cried, a lot.

Natsuo comforted the twins, they were crying loudly as they held onto him. The twins really, really, really love Todoroki. He's literally the best father in the world for them and they don't want to live without him.

Shouya cried like a baby. From the moment he was born until now, he was loved by his father. He knew he's the oldest son so he should keep his act together but he didn't care. He broke down at the funeral, and nothing can help him calm down, not even his mother.

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