A Day With Mother

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Midoriya Izuku

[Name] stared at Ichika's face. She was smiling widely with sparkly eyes as [Name] held a card that she was holding.

When [Name] moved her hand to the other card, Ichika's face turned sad.

"Ichika, I can tell which card to pick because of your face." [Name] laughed.

"Really? Okay, then. I'll rearrange my cards!" Ichika shuffled her two cards and held it out for her mother.

Ichika bit her lips as [Name] picked a card. And when she held a card, her lips still curled up into a smile. She literally looks like her father trying to hold in his smile.

"Oh my God, Ichika! You look exactly like Izuku right now!" She laughed until she fell to the floors.

Bakugou Katsuki

"What a peaceful day."

"It has been ages since I last- No, I have never been this peaceful in my life."

"Life is such a blessing."

"God, please give the old man more work so he can be out from the house often."

"I'm seriously concerned for your relationship with your dad." [Name] mumbled as she stared at her oldest son, who was slouching on the sofa.

"What is there to be concerned? We are perfectly fine." Katsuya said.

"Well... You always look like you don't like him." [Name] said.

"... I don't hate him though?"

"Ah... Such a shy boy. You should be honest with your own dad." [Name] shook her head.

"Tch. I don't hate him but I don't like him either."

"Says the one who always watches Katsuki on the news."

Katsuya grumbled and quickly changed the channel.

Todoroki Shouto

[Name] stared at her son in awe.

Shouya was sitting behind the table, clueless. Cats were all around him, rubbing onto his warm side.

"So?" [Name] asked.


[Name] sipped her coffee as she watched Shouya playing with the cats, a smile on his face.

"I'm really happy." He said.

If you're wondering why, this boy asked his mother to accompany him to a cat cafe. He's curious and he wants to play with cats.

"They're really cute." Shouya mumbled, staring at the cats that were gathered around him.

"I feel loved."

[Name] almost choked on her coffee, laughing.

After that day, he was constantly thinking of asking for a pet cat.

Iida Tenya

"I do not understand." Yuki shook her head.

"She loves him. He loves her. Why couldn't they tell each other about their feelings? If they're honest to each other then it wouldn't be this complicated."

"... Well, if they tell it right away then this show will end in only one episode." [Name] muttered.

The two were sitting on the sofa, watching a romance melodrama. Yuki was quite curious about it because her friend, Ichika, recommended it to her.

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