A Break

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Midoriya Izuku

The awkwardness is too thick to the point even Hiro can feel it.

"Um..." Hiro looked at his sister, who was as nervous as him.

They were watching their parents, who were sitting across each other in silence. Midoriya was munching on a bread while [Name] just stared at her tea.

"Um..." He hesitated again, almost crying.

"I-I'm sorry...!"

"No, dear! It's not your fault!"

Midoriya and [Name] immediately calmed Hiro down. He sobbed as he rubbed his eyes.

"It's Mom's fault so Hiro doesn't have to apologize, okay?" [Name] wiped his tears away.

"N-no! It's Dad's fault so don't cry!" Midoriya stuttered.

"But, but you two are fighting because of me!" Hiro wailed.

"No, really! Mommy is sorry, okay? Don't cry..." [Name] muttered as she hugged him.

"I'm sorry, Hiro. I shouldn't have let you feel this way." Midoriya frowned, patting his head.

Ichika stared at the three, who were apologizing over and over again.

"... I guess I'm sorry too even though I don't know what I'm apologizing for..." She muttered.

Bakugou Katsuki

This family is in a whole new level of awkward. Itsuki noticed how his parents didn't talk for days and he decided to ask his father.

"Are you fighting with Mom?"

Bakugou only replied with a grumble. He knew he had to apologize but he really didn't know how since he had hurt her feelings.

"You're so stupid." Itsuki said.

"Shut up you little- boy." Bakugou successfully refrained from cursing at his own son.

"Oi, old man. You're not gonna eat this burger? It's mine then." Katsuya didn't even wait for Bakugou to answer. He stabbed the meat on the plate and bit it.

"But that is Daddy's portion." Mizuki said to her brother.

"Well he said that it tastes like... thrash so he didn't want to eat it." Katsuya said loud enough for his mother to hear from the kitchen.

Bakugou glared at him. His oldest son clearly favors his wife over him and he simply likes to mess with him.

Bakugou walked over to the dining table. He glanced at his wife's back. He told himself over and over again that he has to apologize now.

Literally now.


She only walked past him and left the house for the convenience store. Bakugou stared at the door before turning to his oldest son, who was holding in a laugh.

He cursed at him.

Todoroki Shouto

Todoroki and [Name] were siting across each other on the dining table. Their eyes were fixed on the table, not looking at each other.

"... Have you eaten yet?" [Name] asked.

"Yeah, I ate with Midoriya earlier." Todoroki answered.

Silence returned to the room.

"... Are the children sleeping?" Todoroki asked.

"Um... I think so..."

The three of them were actually listening from behind the door to Shouya's room.

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