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Midoriya Izuku

"Hah! Deku's kid is just like Deku!"

Midoriya gulped at his childhood friend's comment beside him. But, he agreed to it. Ichika was standing nervously on the stage, looking around.

"You can do it, Ichika!" [Name] cheered, holding a camera to record her daughter.

Seeing her parents in the crowds, a relieved smile appeared on Ichika's face. Holding her essay sheet in hands, she walked up to the microphone.

"M-my name is Midoriya Ichika..." She started with a trembling voice.

"My mother's name is [Name]. She is a very beautiful woman. My mother is very cool! She's strong and I love her so much!" Her voice became clearer as she talked about her mother.

"My father's name is Midoriya Izuku. He is very kind to me. He always said that he loves me and I love him too! He cooks delicious foods. Sometimes he mutters to himself for more than five minutes. He sweeps the floors and do the laundries. He's very nice!"

Midoriya didn't know whether to be touched or embarrassed because of the laughs from both his sides.

"How cute of her." [Name] said as she watched Ichika from the camera's screen.


Bakugou Katsuki

Katsuya's face showed disinterest as he walked up to the stage and stood behind the microphone.

Bakugou smirked, comparing his confident son to Midoriya's nervous daughter. Beside him, his wife was cheering for Katsuya.

"My name is Bakugou Katsuya." He introduced himself.

"[Name] is my mother." He began.

"She has the prettiest smile on earth. She likes to smile often and I like her smile very much. She is also the nicest person on earth. She always take a good care of me. She plays with me, she cares for me, she made me laugh. I love her with all my heart."

[Name] smiled at her son, touched by his words. She let out a small 'aww' as she heard his thoughts about her. Beside her, Bakugou was quietly agreeing to all of Katsuya's comments about his wife.

"I want to be a great hero so I can protect my mother. Until then, I hope my mother stays with me. Thank you for being my mother, I love you." Katsuya finished reading his essay and walked down from the stage.

"That's it?" Bakugou's eyes widened.


"That's... very Kacchan-like..." Midoriya whispered beside Bakugou.


[Name] couldn't help but laugh at her husband.

Todoroki Shouto

"So that's Endeavor's grandchild..."

"He really looks like his father."

Shouya gripped his essay sheet. He stared at his mother, who was waving at him. His father was too busy that he couldn't come. Shaking the sadness away from his heart, Shouya started to speak.

"I have the kindest mother in the world. She is always there for me. When I was sad, she will comfort me. We are always together every day. She said she loves me, but I love her more than she loves me." Shouya regained his smile as he read his essay.

"My father is a great hero. He always cares for me and my mother. He's very busy and he always comes home late. But, he never fails at saving people. He is very amazing. For me, he is the strongest hero and the best father in the world! I love him." Shouya grinned.

The audience clapped their hands as Shouya walked down from the stage.

"Did you hear that, Shouto?" [Name] asked through the phone.

"... Yeah..."

"He really loves you. So, be careful when driving back, okay? Don't rush it just to see him quickly. We will always wait for you no matter how long it takes."

"... Okay... I'll have to tell him that I love him too... Heh."

Letting out a small chuckle, Todoroki hung up with a wide smile on his face.

Iida Tenya

Yuki walkes into the stage gracefully. All the parents, even her mother, wondered how old she actually was.

"Good afternoon, my name is Iida Yuki from the moon class. I'm here to deliver my essay about my parents." She began after she bowed to the audience.

"My mother is a very thoughtful person. She never gets angry because she tries to understand others. She is a wise person."

"My father is a reserved man. He is very intelligent. He was the one who raised me to be a proper lady. Rarely, he can be a very humorous man."

"I appreciate them for raising me in a warm and contend family. I will cherish both of them forever. I am very blessed to be their daughter. Thank you for everything, I love you."

The audience clapped for her with their mouths agape. They were wondering where Yuki learnt those kinds of vocabulary at such young age.

"I feel like I failed at raising my own kid." Bakugou's mumble could be heard.

"That is very touching, indeed!" Iida bursted into tears. "As expected from our daughter!"

[Name] smiled at her, feeling somewhat proud.

Kirishima Eijiro

Having lost his essay sheet, Ryuu walked toward the stage, holding nothing in his hands. He stood behind the microphone, confused of what he should say.

"I wonder how did he lose his essay..." Kirishima scratched his head.

"Um... My mother..." Ryuu trailed off, thinking of a word to say. Then, he looked at his mother among the crowds.

"Uh... She's there! The one wearing a white dress is my mother! She's very pretty! I think she's the prettiest person on earth! And she feeds me! Her food tastes great!"

The audience laughed at Ryuu's sentences.

"Beside her is my father. The red haired one. He's a very cool father! He always plays with me even though he's busy with his hero works. Oh, he's very strong! No one can leave a scratch on him! He's very sharp and he can cut vegetables using his own hands! That's really cool!"

Again, the audience laughed at him.

"I really love them! They're the best parents! I'm glad I was born as their kids! I love you two, mom and dad!" Ryuu waved at his parents.

"Ahaha..." [Name] let out a nervous laugh as everyone stared at her and her husband.

"We love you too!" Kirishima shouted back.

[Name] was startled, she wondered if he doesn't feel embarrassed at all. Then, she smiled.

"Yeah, we love you too, Ryuu!" [Name] shouted, earning a grin from both her son and her husband.

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