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Midoriya Izuku

Ichika is very cute in her own way. Like how she smiles at the smallest thing, how she tripped because of her clumsiness, and how her eyebrows dropped if she's sad.

Some boys found her really cute.

"Don't you think you're popular?" A friend asked her one day.

"My Dad is!" She answered with a smile.

"Um, Midoriya-san..."

Ichika looked at a boy, who was standing in front of her. He gave her some candies.

"I heard girls like these... so please take it!"

"Thank you!" Ichika exclaimed and the boy rushed out from the classroom.

"See? That boy likes you!"

Ichika tilted her head in confusion. She doesn't understand those things. So she decided to ask to some people about it.

"Huh? How should I know?" Was her childhood friend, Katsuya's response.

"I-I-Ichika is... h-having a relationship...?" Midoriya looked like the world is ending.

"Oh my, is it that time of age already? Time sure flies..." [Name] muttered.

"Do you have a boy you like, Ichika?" [Name] asked and Ichika answered her father. "No, I mean, from among your friends. A classmate, maybe?"

"Oh!" Ichika exclaimed.

"I like Kacchan the best!"


Bakugou Katsuki

In addition of being Bakugou's son, Katsuya's face drove people away from him. He never smiles at all. Even at the first day of his junior high, no one dared to greet him.

"Brother, do you like anyone?" Itsuki asked his older brother.

"No." Katsuya answered without interest. He was browsing the channels on the TV.

"How boring." Itsuki rolled his eyes and continued to play with his sister.

"Oh, speaking of which..." [Name] trailed off.

"Midoriya said that Ichika might be dating someone from her class. He's worried to death."

Katsuya's ears perked up at her words.

"You talked with Deku?" Bakugou asked his wife, clearly uninterested with Midoriya's daughter.

"Yeah, we met at the grocery store."

"... Grocery store. How typical of Deku..." Bakugou muttered, sipping his tea.

"But, Ichika-chan is just like her father. No wonder boys like her. She's very cute!" [Name] smiled.

Katsuya's eyebrows furrowed. He's looking like his father now.

"... Are you saying that Deku is cute?" Bakugou glared at [Name].

"... Um... Kinda?"

Bakugou growled as he left the dining table and sat beside his son. Both of them were glaring at the TV with furrowed eyebrows.

"You're the cutest though, Katsuki!"

"Shut up!"

Bakugou's mood got better while Katsuya was still thinking about who Ichika was dating.

Why the hell does it bother him so much?

Todoroki Shouto

Who doesn't love this soft boy?

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