High School Memories

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Midoriya Izuku

"Recovery Girl-san!" [Name] chirped happily as she stepped into the infirmary. She was greeted by the older woman's frown as she treated a student.

"You don't look happy today." [Name] said.

"Some students from Class A are back with more injuries." Recovery Girl sighed. "Anyway, why are you here today?"

"I sprained my ankle!"

"So you hurt yourself too?!"

"I won't ask you to heal me though. I'm just here to grab some bandages for my classmate." She said before opening the curtain that covered the bed.

"Oh, it's Midoriya again." She stated when she saw the green haired boy staring at her nervously.

"U-um... H-hi, [Name]-san..." He stuttered as he averted his gaze. [Name] noticed how he was trying to wrap his arm with a bandage.

"Let me help you with that." She said as she took the bandages from him.

"E-eh?! I'm fine!" He shook his head aggressively.

"Don't worry! I've already treated you for probably more than twenty times." She smiled as she held his arm.

Midoriya gulped as he let his friend treats him. He was a regular of the infirmary and this girl was somehow always there when he visited.

"Here you go." [Name] smiled.

"T-T-Thank you, [Name]-san... You re... really kind..." Midoriya smiled sheepishly and [Name] grinned.

"You can count on me to treat your injuries! So don't hesitate to hurt yourself!"


"You fool! Don't encourage him!" Recovery Girl yelled.

Bakugou Katsuki

"Good morning, Ba-"

"Fuck off."

[Name] pointed to Bakugou as she complained to Kirishima, who only laughs at her attempt to get closer to his friend.

The whole class couldn't understand why [Name] wants to be friends with Bakugou. She even asked for advices from her friends.

When she was asked why she wanted to get closer to him, she would answer, "I don't know, he's amazing!"

"Bakugou-kun, let's go home together!"


But then they walked home together since their houses are in the same direction. [Name] happily talked about everything and Bakugou literally ignored him until he arrived at his own house.

[Name] huffed, another unsuccessful day for her. She recalled how her friends told her to send a message to him. [Name] wondered what she should text him until she spotted something on her way to her house.

When Bakugou's phone vibrated, he took it out. He opened the message from [Name]. It was a photo with the subject 'it reminds me of you'.

A photo of her neighbor's pomeranian.



And she got blocked.

Todoroki Shouto

"[Name] is at it again."

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