Grandparents [Father's Side]

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Midoriya Izuku

"Grandma!" Ichika exclaimed when she saw her grandmother.

"Ichika!" Midoriya Inko called back.

Ichika ran into her embrace. Inko picked her up and swung her around, feeling overjoyed.

"Hello, mom! How are you doing?" Midoriya asked.

"I'm always fine, Izuku!" Inko said.

"I can never get enough of your daughter. She looks so much like you." Inko cooed. "I've always wanted a daughter. Now I've got [Name] and Ichika!"

[Name] was happy when she heard it.

"Grandma, why don't you live with us?" Ichika asked.

"Oh my, I can't possibly." Inko shook her head.

"I won't mind though, Mother." [Name] chuckled.

"Oh how can I!" Inko hugged her daughter-in-law.

"You two are so sweet! I'm glad Izuku has such a loving family!"

Seeing how his mother gets along well with his wife and daughter, Midoriya couldn't help but smile widely.

Bakugou Katsuki

"Grandma!" Katsuya greeted when he arrived at his grandparent's house.

"Hello, Katsuya! YOU SHOULD AT LEAST LEARN HOW TO GREET YOUR MOTHER FROM YOUR GOOD SON!" Bakugou Mitsuki yelled at her son.


Katsuya walked toward his grandpa, leaving the two bickering together.

"Grandpa!" Katsuya called out.

"Oh, you're here, Katsuya!" Bakugou Masaru picked his grandson up and made him sit on his laps.

"How are you today? Did you have breakfast already?" He asked with a smile.

"Great! I ate mom's curry earlier. It's so good!" Katsuya grinned.

"Your mother's cookings are always good, aren't they?" Masaru chuckled and Katsuya nodded.

Mitsuki came into the room, grumbling.

"What a bratty son. It's a good thing that my grandson takes after [Name]... Anyway, where's she? Why didn't she come with you?" Mitsuki asked.

"She said she'll come later. She has some errands." Bakugou answered.

"Huh. I'd like it if it was her and not you who came."


Masaru and Katsuya paid no attention to them and just talked together. They knew that despite acting that way, the mother and son loves each other.

Todoroki Shouto

Shouya stared at Todoroki Enji, who was staring back at him, with Todoroki Shouto staring at both of them.

"Good morning, Grandpa!" Shouya greeted with a bright smile.

An arrow pierced through Endeavor's heart.

"Mm, good morning." He answered shortly.

Enji was thinking hard about what to talk to his grandson. His eyes were closed and his eyebrows were furrowed.

School? How boring.

Love? Not in his age.

Quirk? His son will kill him.

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