Amajiki Tamaki

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The Newborn Baby

[Name] was sitting on the bed, holding her son in her arms. Shin was sleeping soundly, letting out soft snores.

"Um... How long are you going to stand there?" She asked.

Tamaki was standing in front of her as he stared at his son with pursed lips. He sat down beside his wife when she told him to.

"[Name]..." Tamaki called.

"He's not... an animal..."

"Of course he isn't!" [Name] scolded.

"No matter how hard I tried to imagine, he won't become a potato."

"That's because he's your son! He looks exactly like you." [Name] smiled. Tamaki shrunk in his place, still staring at Shin.

"Do you want to hold him?" [Name] asked.

"I won't drop him?"

"... Well, if you're careful enough."

Tamaki took his baby from [Name]'s arms and held him in his own. [Name] watched him as he fawned over his son. A soft smile crept up to Tamaki's face.

"So warm..."

The New Parents

Tamaki is, as expected, quiet even around his son. He would simply stare at his son in silence and mentally note to himself about how cute he is.

"I... am not a good father." Tamaki muttered as he hid his face with his hands.

"Now, don't talk like that." [Name] patted his back. "You're just fine."

Tamaki peeked from behind his hands. He watched as his son walked around the backyard. Shin stared up at a butterfly. He followed it, reaching out to it.

Tamaki walked toward his son. He picked his son up so that he could reach the butterfly. The small insect landed on Shin's palm.

Shin smiled widely.

"Dad!" Shin called out, making Tamaki flinch.

"It's pretty!"

Tamaki couldn't help but smile at him.

"Mm-hm." He nodded at Shin.

[Name] let out a dreamy sigh from afar.

"You're fine just like that." She smiled.

How strong her heart must be for surviving in a house bursting with adorableness.


"Wow, there's so many children here." [Name] commented. She could feel Shin burying his head deeper on her neck.

She felt another head on her other side of neck.

"Too many people..." Tamaki muttered, hiding behind [Name].

"Come on, it's Shin's first day of school! We should send him off with a smile." [Name] grinned.

"Do I really have to go?" Shin asked his mother.

"Of course! This is a very exciting place! You can make friends here!" She said.

"... Do I really have to go?"

[Name] closed her eyes so that she wouldn't see Shin's puppy eyes.

"Yes! Mommy will come pick you up later, don't worry."


"... Now, how are you going to go there if you don't let go of my neck?"

Shin reluctantly let go of his mother and she put him down. Tamaki waved at him before he walked away.

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