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Midoriya Izuku

"You sure this is Deku's kid?"

"Of course. Can't you see that green hair?"

"Well, I never expected that amazing hero's daughter would be a crybaby like this."

"Dude, a normal kid will definitely cry when you kidnapped them."

Ichika sobbed, watching the two men conversed in front of her.

"So, little girl. Is your Dad coming or not?" The man asked to Ichika, who shivered in fear.

"He'll come... I know he will..." She muttered.

"Oh? But he still hasn't come. Maybe he ditched you because he doesn't care what happens to you?" The man smirked.

Ichika cried louder.

"Damn, you're evil."

"Isn't a villain supposed to be evil?"

Ichika rubbed her eyes.

"Daddy will come..." She said.

"He'll come, I'm sure of it..."

"And why are you so sure about that?" The man asked her.

"Because..." She sobbed.

"Because my Daddy... is a hero..."

The door bursted away from the walls, leaving cracks all around the walls. There stood a man, walking out from the dust.

"Dude, is that All Might or are my eyes playing tricks?"

Midoriya glared at the two villains.

"I am... here."

Before the villains could act, Midoriya already knocked then out of cold. Foolish of them, trying to challenge All Might's successor.

Midoriya turned to his daughter, hugging her tightly.

"I'm sorry, Ichika... I'm sorry I let them take you..."

Ichika didn't mind. She's already inside her father's arms, and there's no other place safer than here.

Bakugou Katsuki

"Now this is what you call abnormal." A man towered over Katsuya, who was leaned against the walls.

"He was supposed to cry. Why is he not?" He asked to his comrade.

"What do you expect from Bakugou Katsuki's son? Tears? Not in a decade." His companion sighed.

"So, hey. Where's your Dad?" The man asked Katsuya.

Katsuya glared at him. The man suddenly slapped his face, shocking him.

"Mind that glare of yours kid."

Katsuya bit his lips. He knew he was trembling, trying to hold in his tears. He can't cry, a hero shouldn't cry.

"Damn, like father like son. Those two has no manners at all."

A large crack appeared on the building's walls. The two men tilted their heads.

A loud noise was heard throughout the room as the walls exploded to bits. Someone landed inside the room.


"I-it's him-"

Before the man could finish, Bakugou already threw his exploding fist at him. Katsuya watched his father beat up the villains into pulp.

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