Family Trip

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Midoriya Izuku

The Midoriya family was having a picnic in a recreation park. The weather was perfect for picnic. The three sat down below a tree and ate their meals.

"Open up widely!"

Ichika opened her mouth and let her mother feed her. Her smile was as bright as the sun above them.

"It's tasty!" She exclaimed.

"Of course! Mommy made them after all." [Name] said, proud of herself. She wiped the crumbs on Ichika's mouth and continued to feed her.

Midoriya smiled at them. He was about to make the food but his wife didn't allow him. She said he must be tired from working so she'll cook today.

Midoriya sighed dreamily.

"What a lovely day..."

He finally got to go on a trip with his family without any disturbance and he wanted to enjoy every single moments of the trip.

Just as he opened his mouth to take a bite of a sandwich, a loud blast erupted from a nearby street.

"Ahh!!! A villain!!!"

Midoriya put back the sandwich with a tear on his the corner of his eye.

"So much for a peaceful trip..."

He sniffed as he stood up and dragged his feet toward the villain.

Bakugou Katsuki

Katsuya was smiling as he hummed a random tune. He was sitting on his mother's laps and her arms were around his body. He loves being with his mother.

On the other hand, the older Bakugou was frowning twice deeper than usual. He was sitting behind the steering wheel.

"Damned traffic..." He mumbled under his breath.

It's not every day he got a day off. He prefers to stay at home and relax, but he kinda feels bad to his family. Being a good husband and father he is, he took his family to a trip.

"If I knew it was going to be like this, I won't even bother to go out..."

"Mom, where are we going?" Katsuya asked.

"Hm? I don't know. Where do you want to go?" She asked back.

"Anywhere is fine!" Katsuya grinned.

"You're really excited, aren't you?" [Name] smiled at him. Katsuya nodded eagerly. It was his first time going on a trip after all.

"You're so cute, Kacchan! My baby boy!" [Name] laughed as she buried her face on his hair.

Katsuya leaned back on his mother's chest, his smile never leaves his face.

Both of them jolted in surprise when the cars behind them rang their horns at them. Bakugou cursed at them.

Why can't people give him some time to enjoy the scenery of his lovely wife and son?

Todoroki Shouto

Todoroki spent a night with his family in a villa. He owns one near a hill and it has an awesome scenery around it. He decided to bring his family here because his son wanted to see a sunrise.

"I want to see Mr. Sun as soon as he woke up. Does he have bed hair like me?"

How cute.

Shouya was delighted. He was very happy since he got to spend his holiday in a great place. His mother fed him some barbecues and they were delicious. His father show him around the place.

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