A Day With Father

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Midoriya Izuku

"Daddy, this is fun!" Ichika giggled as she sat in a merry-go-round. Midoriya smiled adorably at his daughter.

He finally had a day off from his hero duties. He couldn't bring her to far places, so he decided to bring her to a nearby department store. Ichika was happy as long as she gets to be with her father.

"Are you hungry? Let's go get something to eat!" Midoriya said as Ichika approached him. "Let's bring something home for mom too."


Midoriya held Ichika's hand as they walked. Ichika wanted to eat burgers and they went to a fast food restaurant. After he ordered some food, he sat down with Ichika.


He jumped in his seat when he heard his name got called. He turned around and his jaws dropped to the grounds. People were lining up beside him.

"Please give me an autograph!"

"You are amazing, Deku-san!"

"A-ah... Y-y-yes..." He stuttered, face red feom the compliments. He gave them all his autograph.

Ichika watched him as he talked with the people. She felt quite sad, it was supposed to be just the two of them. She missed him because he was too busy. But that just showed how amazing her father is. So, she should be happy for him.

"I'm sorry, Ichika. I'm finally finished." Midoriya said as he turned to Ichika.

"Daddy, say ahhh!" Ichika grinned as she held out a fries for him.

Midoriya bursted into tears as he opened his mouth and let Ichika fed him.

"My daughter is the best..."

Bakugou Katsuki

"Damned brat." Bakugou called out.

"... Tch. You better stop sulking or I'll tell [Name] to extend her trip for another week."

Katsuya shot up from the floors. He walked up to his father and snatched the instant noodle cup from him. He sat on the chair and ate the noodles.

He was sad because his mother left for a one day trip. Actually, what saddened him was his father had a day off that day. He prefers being alone compared to being with his father.

"How's school?" Bakugou suddenly asked. Katsuya raised a brow because he never initiates a conversation before. Well, he did but it was always about something important.

"Do you have to ask?" Katsuya rolled his eyes.

Bakugou looked at the shelf, which was full of Katsuya's trophies from school. A vein popped out from his head. He wanted to have a talk with his son, but damn, his son is just like him. Imagine a Bakugou hating another Bakugou.

Curse it. He won't talk to him anymore.

That night, Katsuya was staring sleepily at the television. He wasn't interested at the news about villains, but his father won't give the remote to him. He has to check the news as a hero after all.

Bakugou felt something dropped to his thigh. He looked down and saw Katsuya sleeping on his laps. He looked away from him.

His hand slowly patting his son's head.

When [Name] returned in the morning, both of them were asleep in the sofa. She snapped a picture with her phone.

"How cute." She whispered.

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