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Midoriya Izuku

"I'm back..." [Name] muttered tiredly as she stepped into the house. She has just returned from whatever errands she had and she was dead tired.

"[Name]! Where were you?" She heard her husband's raised voice accompanied by a cry.

She walked into the living room, looking at Midoriya. He was holding his son, Hiro, who was crying as he hugged his father.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Hiro's knee was bleeding when I came home. He was crying really loud. Where were you? And where is Ichika?" Midoriya asked with a frown.

"I left for a bit. Ichika is at a friend's house." She answered and proceeded to examine Hiro's bandaged knee.

"Why did you leave Hiro alone? If I hadn't returned soon, he'd still be crying now." Midoriya said.

"Is it my fault now?" [Name] sighed.

"No, I didn't mean it like that... But you really shouldn't leave him alone. He still can't look after himself..." Midoriya muttered.

"I have spent every single day taking care of them and now you're telling me how to take care of my children?" [Name] frowned at him. "When you're the one who's never home to look after your children?"

"I was only out to finish my work and I returned immediately. If I didn't have any work then I wouldn't have left him." [Name] rubbed her temples, frustrated.

"I didn't mean to scold you or anything... It's just... I was so scared when I saw Hiro crying alone with a bleeding knee." Midoriya said.

"Then be at home often." [Name] grumbled.

"You know I can't! I'm a hero! I have to help others!"

"But not your own child?"

Midoriya was taken aback by her words. He was about to retort when she cut him off.

"Let's not talk about this now or it will turn worse. I'm tired." She mumbled as she walked to the bedroom.

Midoriya frowned at her as she closed the door. He turned his head to the front door, looking at Ichika, who was standing there awkwardly.

"Um..." Ichika muttered.

"P-please don't fight..."

Midoriya let out a sigh, "No, we're not, Ichika. Don't worry."

Ichika nodded at his father, fiddling with her fingers.

Bakugou Katsuki

"Katsuki." [Name] called out, but he didn't respond.

"Look at this." She said, giving her husband a newspaper. Bakugou took it and read the contents.

"A new type of virus has been discovered to be lethal against-"

"Not that one, Katsuki..." [Name] rolled her eyes. "The front page."

Bakugou looked at the front page and read the headlines. It was the news about him having a dispute with another pro hero while at work. It was written as 'Pro Heroes, Bakugou Katsuki clashed against Midoriya Izuku in the middle of catching a villain'.

"Huh. Fucking reporters. Why do they even bother publishing uninteresting news like this..." Bakugou mumbled.

"Well, it's their job... Anyway, why did you fight with Midoriya again? I thought you're finally getting along with him." [Name] said.

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