IF She Died

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Midoriya Izuku

"Where is Mommy?"

A question from Hiro, which took Midoriya's breath away. Holding his son closer in his arms, he bit his lips as tears formed in his eyes.

"M-mommy is-" His voice cracked as he held in his tears.

"Why is everyone wearing black?" Hiro asked, looking around at the gloomy faces that surrounded them. Even Bakugou's frown is deeper than usual.

Ichika didn't even try to stop her tears. She kept sobbing throughout the funeral, her friends never leave her side.

"Daddy, where is Mommy?" Hiro asked again.

With a deep breath, Midoriya smiled at his son, "Mommy is sleeping, so we can't bother her."

"Why is her photo here? Is she sleeping inside the grounds?" Hiro asked.

"I want to see Mommy...!" Suddenly, tears bursted out from Hiro's eyes, startling Midoriya.

"Where is she...?!" He wailed.

Midoriya couldn't bring himself to explain what death is to his three years old son. He silently cried as he comforted Hiro.

Until a hand patted him on the back. The exact same hand which he used to receive explosions from, but what he felt at that moment was warmth.

With his lifelong friend beside him, Midoriya finally broke down.

Bakugou Katsuki

Bakugou drove all people away from him. He didn't let anyone near him, sending explosions to everyone trying to comfort him.

He doesn't need any goddamn comforting words.

He doesn't need condolences.

He needs [Name].

Rather than giving empty words, everyone should've brought her back to life.

But he knows that is impossible.

He was already violent, and it became worse after his wife passed away. People used to look up to him, now they fear him. Even his children fear him.

He usually yells at his children and they would make fun of him, but not anymore. He literally became like a stranger toward them, only talking when necessary. It's as if he wasn't a father, as if he's only an uncle who pays for their living expenses.

Katsuya was deeply traumatized by her death. He became distant from everyone, not even Ryuu or Ichika could cheer him up.

Now that his mother is gone, he takes care of every single house work. He cooks, goes to school, cleans, and goes to bed.

And his siblings' constant question of "Where's Mom?" didn't help at all.

"She's dead." He spat one day when he had enough of everything.

"She's dead so stop asking..."

"... She's... not going to return..."

His two siblings stared at him with wide eyes, part of them confused at what he meant, part of them shocked by his tears. Their big brother, who has never cried in front of them, looked so vulnerable at that moment.

They could only keep quiet as their brother cried.

Todoroki Shouto

This family spent days crying because of their loss.

Todoroki still has to work as a hero, he appears as strong as ever in public but as soon as he stepped into his house and his wife wasn't there to greet him, his shoulders would drop.

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