Kaminari Denki

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The Newborn Baby

"Hello there, baby boy!" Kaminari cooed as he grinned at his son. "Rai is going to grow into an awesome man like daddy!"

[Name] was cradling Rai in her arms. She smiled as Kaminari fawned over the baby. Ever since Rai was born, Kaminari was always glued to him.

The baby opened his sleepy eyes. He rubbed them and stared at his father, who was waving at him.

Rai's eyes teared up.

"Oh no, why are you crying?" Kaminari's lips curled downwards. "It's okay, it's okay, it's only mommy and daddy here."

Rai sniffed and he let out a sharp cry.

Just as he cried, electricity dispersed from his tiny body, striking his mother.


"Oh my God, [Name]!"

Kaminari snatched Rai from [Name]'s arms, as he's unaffected by the electricity. He looked at his wife with worry.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Just how am I supposed to take care of my son if he's always electrocuting me?!" [Name] asked with tears.

"Don't be sad, dear." Kaminari patted her back and she got some statics.

Rai's quirk manifested as soon as he was born. It goes out of control everytime he cries. [Name] can only hope he grows up fast so she could hug him without getting electrocuted.

The New Parents

Kaminari might be a father, but his heart might still be a teenager. He would spend his free times playing games if Rai is asleep. If Rai's awake, he would play with him.

[Name] doesn't even have to look after her son since Kaminari takes care of him greatly.

"[Name], look at how cute our son is!" He would say and pretend that he has a heart attack.

[Name] is grateful that he loves his son so much. One thing that never changes is his attitude to her.

"Good morning, my pretty wife!"

"How come you look dazzling every single day?"

"I can't help but fall for you again and again!"

It was [Name]'s daily dose of her husband's love. It can get quite annoying, but it's also nice. And when [Name] spoke like him,

"Morning, love." Plus her smile.

Kaminari wouldn't stop jumping around and his quirk would light up all electronics in the house, without hurting his dear wife.


"It's huge!" Rai jumped excitedly in front of his new school.

"Are you excited?" Kaminari asked as he crouched down to his son.

"Totally! I can't wait to meet new friends!" Rai exclaimed.

"You'll do great!" Kaminari patted his head.

"Mommy! Let me hug you before I go!" Rai raised his arms toward his mother.

"Aww! You're such a sweet boy!" [Name] cooed as she picked him up. She kissed his cheek and he grinned widely.

"Bye-bye!" Rai waved as he walked into the school.

Kaminari had his arm on [Name]'s waist as they watched Rai walking inside. They noticed a familiar boy who was talking to their son.

"My name is Kaminari Rai!"

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