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Until his identity is confirmed, I'll just make the baby's hair black.

The Newborn Baby

"Himeka." Himiko Toga said.

"Tomoyo." Shigaraki Tomura said.

"Kuromi." Kurogiri said.

Dabi glared at all of them.

"She's Akemi. Do not give her other names." He spat.

"Tch. How lame." Shigaraki muttered, reaching out toward the baby in [Name]'s arms.

"If you touch even a single hair on her, I'll burn you into crisps."

Shigaraki was left bickering with Dabi while Toga and Kurogiri talked with [Name], playing with the baby, Akemi.

"It'd be nice if she looks like [Name]-chan." Toga grinned at the baby. Toga's hair was long so it fell to the baby's face. Akemi giggled, feeling ticklish.

"Um... Thank you but you're not going to... drink her blood or anything, right?" [Name] asked hesitantly.

"Not for now!" Toga grinned at her, which made her drop a sweat.

"I'm actually glad that she is a girl. It sure would be nice if she looks like you. Just imagining another Dabi in the house is..."

"Sickening." Toga finished Kurogiri's sentences.

[Name] laughed at them, looking at her baby, who was staring at back her.

"Look, Akemi! It's Auntie Himiko and Uncle Kuro!"

They were literally ignoring Shigaraki and Dabi's little dispute in the background.

The New Parents

Anyone who saw Dabi will say that he couldn't be a good father. Even his comrades from his little villain organization were surprised how he managed to fall in love with someone and be a father on top of that.

He literally looks like he didn't care for everything and yes, he doesn't.

"Where were you?" [Name] asked, while cradling Akemi in her arms.

"Robbing a bank." He simply answered with a small grin.

"Can you stop doing things like that? I mean... you do have a daughter now." She said.


She glared at him before turning away from him. Dabi walked past her, peeking at his daughter from behind his wife. He saw his daughter's turquoise eyes staring at him.

He made a face and she laughed.

When [Name] looked at him, he was already back to his usual stoic expression, walking away.

Well at least he does care in his own way.


"Are we really taking her to a normal kindergarten? A daughter of a villain? To a normal kindergarten?"

"Yes." [Name] sighed. She was adjusting Akemi's necktie.

"Then good bye, I'll let you take her to the school since I'm a criminal." Dabi waved at her.

"What is a criminal?" Akemi asked.

"Someone who does bad things, just like Daddy." [Name] smiled.

"Does criminal go to school?" She asked again.

"No, I don't." Dabi said.

"Can I be a criminal too?"

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