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Midoriya Izuku

"My..." Midoriya muttered, tears streaming down his face.

"My son..."

"Izuku, stop overreacting."

Midoriya couldn't help but to cry at his newborn son, Hiro. He personally named him because he wanted him to be an amazing hero. And by the way, this child always cries every five minutes. Now, who does he get that from?

"He looks like Daddy!" Ichika pointed out as she smiled at her younger brother with sparkling eyes.

"And you too, Ichika." [Name] said.

"You're an older sister now. You have to take care of Hiro, okay?" She patted Ichika's head.

"Yeah! I'll be the best sister for Hiro!" Ichika beamed.

The baby boy stared at Ichika's face. His eyes teared up. Then, he wailed.

"... Mom, does he hate me?" Ichika asked with a sad face.

"No, of course! He still doesn't understand!" [Name] said. "Right, Izuku?"

"My goodness... There are three angels in this house..." Midoriya sniffed. "I'm so blessed."

[Name] sighed, but she smiled at her husband's adorableness. She placed a quick peck on his cheek and he exploded.

Bakugou Katsuki

Katsuya rubbed his temples. Another Bakugou in the house is never a good idea. His younger brother, Itsuki, was as loud as his father.

And he's tired of it.

The good thing is he finally has a younger sister, which looks like his mother. Katsuya spends most of his time playing with his youngest sibling, Mizuki.

"Nii!" Mizuki giggled as she pointed to Katsuya. He always gets a heart attack everytime she smiles.

Even Bakugou has a soft spot for Mizuki.

"Kacchan, can you take the eggs from the fridge?" [Name] asked from the kitchen.

Katsuya looked away from Mizuki. He glared at his younger brother. Itsuki looked up from his book.

Katsuya gestured something to him.

With a click of his tongue, Itsuki stood up and walked to the fridge.

Katsuya smirked.

At least he has a servant now.

Todoroki Shouto

"Daddy!" Three children chorused.

Todoroki flinched in surprise, making [Name] chuckles from the living room.

"Welcome back!"

Todoroki closed the door behind him. He smiled widely at his children. He crouched down in front of them.

"Did you three wait for me?"


Shouya was standing in the middle of the twins, Renji and Reina. Renji was older than Reina by a few minutes. Renji has red hair while Reina has white hair, thus the names. Todoroki couldn't help but to think about his parents when he saw them.

"Thank you." Todoroki smiled.

"Welcome kiss!" Reina raised her arms toward her father. Todoroki picked her up and kissed her forehead.

"Me too!" Renji jumped in excitement. Todoroki happily kissed his cheeks.

Todoroki turned to his oldest son.

"How about you?" He asked.

"Dad, I'm older now." Shouya said. "But I won't refuse!"

Todoroki laughed as he ruffled Shouya's hair.

Someone call an ambulance, please.

[Name] has died because of a heart attack.

Iida Tenya

Seeing how she didn't get enough loving moments with her daughter, [Name] became very strict with Iida's teachings.

"Nope. No dictionary for Yuji." [Name] crossed her arms.

"But... But-"


Iida gave up and he literally let [Name] raises his son as she wants. Yuki watched her mother showers her younger brother with affection.

She wasn't sad, by the way.

It's completely common for parents to pay more attention to the younger ones, she thought.

Yuki doesn't really mind having Yuji in the house. She doesn't pay attention to him after all. She doesn't know what to do with him.

But there was a day when Yuki was told to watch over Yuji.

"So noisy..." Yuki sighed as her younger brother kept crying. She peeked over the crib and poked his cheeks with her finger.

Yuji stopped crying. He wrapped his tiny hand around her finger and giggled. Yuki was taken aback, she could only stare at him with wide eyes.

Since then, she came to the conclusion that babies are angels.

Kirishima Eijiro

Ryuu was very excited when his mother announced that he will be a brother soon. He literally ran around the house with his fists in the air.

When the child was born, Kirishima was delighted because it was a daughter. He prays that she will look like his wife.

"Asaki! I'm your brother!" Ryuu always talks to his sister every day and Asaki loves him.

"You have to be a happy girl when you grow up! You're born in an amazing family!" Ryuu said.

"Let's play together when you're older!"

What a fluffy ball of sunshine he is.

Kirishima has grown a habit of snuggling his face on Asaki's face. He sometimes does it to his wife out of habit, and she blushed hard.

Shinsou Hitoshi

Shinsou was sitting by the dining table. He leaned his cheek on his palm as he stared at his daughter across him.

Haruna was eating her meal on her own. Shinsou couldn't help but to think that his daughter is cute. Sure she has his purple hair, but she looks exactly like [Name] and that only means one thing for him.

Maximum adorableness.

"Ah, you're a mess..." Hayato muttered as he saw Haruna eating.

"Here, I'll feed you." Hayato sat down beside Haruna and started to feed her.

"Hitoshi, weren't you supposed to feed Haruna?" [Name] asked as she wiped the spilled food on the table.

Shinsou looked at [Name], then he looked at Hayato, and finally at Haruna. He sighed and shook his head, ignoring [Name]'s scolds.

He thinks he's in heaven now.

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