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fear. || { bnha } by kokodaka
fear. || { bnha }by koda
she was scared of everyone. he scared everyone. except each other.
TᕼE  ᗰOᑎᔕTEᖇ  IᑎᔕIᗪE by KaeWinter
TᕼE ᗰOᑎᔕTEᖇ IᑎᔕIᗪEby KᗩE
hєr quírk íѕn't líkє αnч σthєr ít cσnfuѕєѕ pєσplє tσ nσ єnd hσw αnσthєr lívíng вєíng ѕhαrєѕ hєr вσdч, wíth α mínd σf ítѕ σwn ít'ѕ líkє α pαrαѕítє вut gσd hєlp αnчσnє wh...
the moon 🌙 bnha x reader by cloudyxmars
the moon 🌙 bnha x readerby mars
a girl from our normal world, asked the moon, "can you take me far away?" the next thing she knew, she crashed into aizawa's dining table, in a world full of...
SMOKING PETALS | s. hitoshi  by gothciti
SMOKING PETALS | s. hitoshi by 𝐥𝐞𝐞
❝ I WANT HIM TO HEAR YOUR MOANS ❞ ― sometimes rehab isn't a facility but a person, this story is proof of that. ( EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE )
𝐭𝐫𝐲𝐬𝐭|hitoshi shinso by borderlinesimp
𝐭𝐫𝐲𝐬𝐭|hitoshi shinsoby ➺𝐬𝐰𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐲𝐚𝐦𝐚*✿*゚
[shinsou hitoshi x reader] ━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━ Shinsou joins class 1-A shortly after everyone has settled in...
Vigilante deku (shindeku) by Eevee4177
Vigilante deku (shindeku)by Eevee4177
I DO NOT OWN MHA OR THE CHARACTERS I JUST CAME UP WITH THIS FANFICTION It's a shindeku story. Inko is also mean in this to Izuku was done just done. He was done with bei...
Ticked Off [Boku No Hero Academia] by Xenolis
Ticked Off [Boku No Hero Academia]by Pipistrelle
• ON HIATUS/OCCASIONAL UPDATES • Midoriya Izuku attracted trouble. It was just a fact of life - the sky was blue, the grass was green, and Izuku constantly found himself...
READ 4:06 PM ━ bnha x reader by yuki078
READ 4:06 PM ━ bnha x readerby ⌦ドーン
❝ AT LEAST I TRIED ❞ ❝ DON'T TRY IT AGAIN ❞ ━ in which class 1-A accidentally adds a girl from the general department into their group chat
From the Hea(r)t  [BNHA] by KellyGuo4
From the Hea(r)t [BNHA]by Insane Madjudger
she's a girl who stood among the chaos surrounding 1-A she's a very simple girl, lazy is her middle name, with a hidden passion that no one expected people should have r...
DISCONTINUED!(Various!BNHA x Reader) Given Chance by FateOfDeath666
DISCONTINUED!(Various!BNHA x Miss Chief
"Why do you want to be a hero?" Usually, you'd hear noble responses like: "To save people", "To help those in need", "To be a good per...
Hitoshi Shinsou X Reader Oneshots by hashtagnoodles0
Hitoshi Shinsou X Reader Oneshotsby Lyss
Here is a story about your favorite purple boy There will be Lemons This is the same book/sequel to Hitoshi Shinsou X Reader Oneshots from hashtagnoodles but my other ac...
Lightning or Electricity and a bit of healing<BNHA> by IcyCoco
Lightning or Electricity and a Coco
Cousin to Kaminari Denki... Her name is Kaminari Sora... They look like twin but Sora's quirk is different along with her personality. Bnha does not belong to me. I only...
Something Different (shinsou x male reader) by FancyFelixrvb
Something Different (shinsou x Arlo James
Y/n Bakugo is katsuki's twin brother. (I will update the description as I go along) Tw: Mentions of rape Mentions of suicide Mature Language
𝗦.𝐓𝐔𝐃𝐘 ,, katsuki bakugou. by -P0KII
𝗦.𝐓𝐔𝐃𝐘 ,, katsuki 𝗔.𝐒𝐇
[ pls dont read, its embarrassing ] ♥︎ male reader insert ♥︎ status - discontinued ♥︎ boku no hero academia belongs to kōhei horikoshi. ♥︎ art, music etc. used in thi...
𝐊𝐈𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐍 ➵ h. shinso by no-alix
𝐊𝐈𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐍 ➵ h. shinsoby ☾︎ 𝑨 𝑳 𝑰 ☽︎
❝𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐢'𝐦... 𝐜𝐮𝐭𝐞?❞ - - - In which Shinso finds comfort in a small cat café near school and in the girl waitressing in it. Both Y/n and Shinso don't s...
𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐓𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 |Hitoshi Shinsou x Reader| by -BREEEZY-
𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐓𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 | ¡𝑩𝑹𝑬𝑬𝑬𝒁𝒀!
Home /Shinsou x Denki\ by Gay_for_sasha
Home /Shinsou x Denki\by Leanna
⚠️abuse, swearing, and 18+ content⚠️ im sorry for this- Denki=bottom Shinsou=top
Oh, I Catastrophize (My Hero Academia) by sagelike_sunshine
Oh, I Catastrophize (My Hero sagelike_sunshine
After being left behind by All Might on the rooftop, Izuku starts to see the world in a different way. He realises he doesn't need to be a hero to save people. A vigilan...
The world gave him the middle finger.  by DabisBlueFlames22
The world gave him the middle Angel.
𝙸 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎𝚗'𝚝 𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚎 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚋𝚎𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚎, 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝙸 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚊 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚘 𝚝𝚛𝚢 𝚒𝚝. Izuku 'Deku' Midoriy...
Quirkless Vigilante 《°°♤dadzawa♤°°》 by KingAsgore1
Quirkless Vigilante 《°°♤dadzawa♤°°》by IneedMoreEsspressoToBeLessDep...
this is a dadzawa/ dekubowl where Izuku is a 16 year old vigilante that had his mother die when he was 4 from suicide who is famous for being quirkless. What will happen...