UA Academy

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Midoriya Izuku

"Oh, God... Tomorrow is the entrance exam, Dad! What should I do?!"

"C-c-calm down, Ichika! Y-you can do it!"

"S-sis! G-good luck!"

"... The three of you should stop that first." [Name] sighed, watching them hopping around with their arms above.

Ichika took a deep breath. She checked her phone. Katsuya and Shouya have passed the recommendation test and they wished her a good luck.

Ichika nodded in determination.

"I-I'm going to do my best" She exclaimed.

That night, she couldn't sleep even a single wink.

Bakugou Katsuki

Katsuya was so set in attending UA. So when he got a recommendation letter, he was beyond happy, to the point it shocked his father.

"Look at this, Dad!" Katsuya exclaimed and Bakugou was shocked yet again. He called him Dad. Deep inside his heart, he was moved by it.

"What?" Bakugou asked.

"I got a recommendation letter while you didn't!"

Ah, it was to make fun of him.


Katsuya stuck out his tongue.


"Mom! Look at this!"

[Name] saw the recommendation letter on Katsuya's hand. She smiled widely, hugging him.

"You're amazing, Kacchan!"

Katsuya grinned.

Hey UA, you got another King Explosion Murder to deal with.

Todoroki Shouto

His parents were very proud of him when he got a recommendation letter from UA. He trained his firepower with his father to prepare for the exam.

At the day of the entrance exam, he didn't see anyone he knew. When he looked around, he spotted Katsuya.

"Katsuya." He called out.

"Huh? You're here too?" Katsuya growled. "Figures..."

"Are we the only ones here?" Shouya asked.

"I saw the fire bitch earlier. The birdie's here too." Katsuya said.

"Oh... Let's do our best, Katsuya." Shouya smiled.

"Huh?! Of course I am going to do my best!"

Iida Tenya

"YOU CAN DO IT, YUKI! I BELIEVE IN YOU! YOU ARE OUR PROUD AND JOY!" Was her father's reaction before she left for the entrance exam.

Yuki was as calm as usual. She wasn't even bothered by the number of the students racing for a spot in UA.

On the entrance exam, she spotted Ichika who was muttering to herself.


"HIEEEE!!! O-oh, it's Yuki..." Ichika sighed.

"Don't be so nervous. I'm sure you can pass the exam." Yuki smiled.

"I-I hope so... I hope they let us work together..." Ichika muttered.

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