Takami Keigo

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The Newborn Baby


Hawks was covering his ears with his hands.

"I know why he cries so much." Hawks said.

"He takes after you."

[Name] rolled her eyes at his words. She held Kazuma in her arms and comforted him. Hawks watched from behind her.

Some feathers plucked themselves out from his wings and they flew toward his son, dancing in front of him to cheer him up.

Kazuma stared at the feathers. Soon enough, he started to smile, trying to grab the feathers.

"And so easily excited. Just like you." Hawks grinned.

Kazuma grabbed one of his feathers, thankfully it was not sharp. He brought it to his mouth.

"Oh my-"

"Dear son, that's not a food..."

When Hawks pulled his feather out from his grasp, he started to cry again.

The New Parents

"Here, high, and higher!" Hawks grinned as he raised his son up in the air.

Literally... up in the air.

"Keigo! Don't you dare drop him down!"

Kazuma giggled at his father's face. He was almost touching the ceilings but he's having fun. Hawks's wings flapped behind him, keeping them above.

[Name] returned to the kitchen and continued to cook for dinner. She could hear her husband and son playing with each other and she couldn't help but smile.

Just when she turned around, she jumped, startled by Hawks standing right behind her, smiling.

"What's for dinner?" He asked with his usual grin.

"... Where's Kazuma?" She asked.

"I've put him to sleep." He smiled.

This man with a young heart here will be the death of [Name]. Like, how can a middle aged man looks so adorable and hot at the same time?

Hawks kept watching his wife with his arms behind him, humming happily and helping her out.


"Is this a school?" Kazuma asked, pointing to the building.

"Yes, this is-"

"AHHH!!! HAWKS!!!"

[Name] carried her son and escaped the flock of women, even some of the teachers were crowding around her husband.

"Well, good morning." Hawks smiled at them.

"Mom! Mom!" Kazuma tugged at [Name]'s shirt.

"Dad is snatched!"

[Name] laughed at him.

"Now do you know why I don't want to go out with him often?" Kazuma patted his mother's hair.

"But Mom still has me!"

"Aww!" [Name] cooed and kissed his cheeks before setting him down. He waved good bye at her and ran into his new school.

"So your son is here?!"

"Let me introduce him to my daughter!"

[Name] actually wondered whether those women have a husband or not. She wondered how they could openly fangirl about someone else's husband like that.

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