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Shinsou Hayato

• Quiet boy.

• He always looks unfocused and unimpressed by everything. But when something caught his interest, his eyes would lit up.

• He can sleep anywhere. Do not disturb his naps if you don't want to jump off the school rooftop.

• He's quite handsome. Girls like his face but they're too scared to talk to him. He once got about seven chocolates on Valentine. He didn't return them on White Day since they're all anonymous.

• Boys don't like him, since they think he's a creep. They're just jealous because he's handsome. But they're too scared to mess with him because of his quirk.

• His purple hair is soft and neat. He takes a good care of his hair. He always smells nice and I bet his mother likes to hug him, right?

• Someone lucky enough might be able to see him smiling. When he smiled, he makes everyone go uwu.

• He tries to pay attention in class, but he often gets sleepy in the middle and falls asleep. He likes to borrow Ichika's notes. He can't borrow Rai's notes since Rai doesn't even take one.

• If he was asked to choose between his father and mother, his answers would differ from time to time depending on their most recent treatment to him.

• When asked where babies came from, he gave a too detailed explanation.

"Your parents literally ate each other up. They went to bed without no clothes. And then it just happens. You know, when your father thrust his-"

• Please shut him up.

• He doesn't have any favorite hero, even though he used to admire his father. But if he had to answer, he'll choose Eraserhead and his father doesn't have any objections to that.

• He prefers quiet girls that won't cause trouble for him in a relationship. But a cheerful, bubbly girl won't be too bad. As long as she accepts him for who he is.

• Cat lover. He likes cat and cats like him. He likes to give food to stray cats too. There was a time when he fell asleep at the school grounds and found himself surrounded by cats.

"What are you doing?" Shinsou asked, raising a brow at his son, who was smiling at his phone screen.

"Watching cat videos." Hayato answered, eyes still fixed on the screen. "Aww, this is so cute. Hey Dad, look at this one."

And they spent the day watching cat videos together.

• He LOVES his sister. She's the most adorable living being in the world. He likes to play with her hair, tying it up or braiding it. Is that the reason why he's good at handicrafts?

• Among the other children, he's the best brother and the most tired one.

Kaminari Rai

• 10 million volt smile.

• He appears unfriendly and uncaring but his 10 million volt smile can pierce even the darkness.

• He likes to play games, especially pokemon. He makes sure to catch a pikachu in every single game.

• His favorite time of the day is... midnight. It's the time for him to play and eat some snacks.

• Everyone- Literally everyone has given up in helping him with his studies. He got blown by Katsuya, he got indirectly insulted by Yuki, and he got insulted harshly by Hayato.

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