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Midoriya Izuku

Ichika and Yuki are both girls. Ichika's mother are more than happy to have two girls in the house.

"What are you doing?" Yuki asked.

"Um... I'm playing..." Ichika shyly answered.

"With dolls?" Yuki asked and Ichika nodded.

"Um... This one is from my dad." Ichika held out a rabbit doll she was holding. Then she pointed to a teddy bear. "That is from my mother."

"How do you play with them?" Yuki asked. She never plays with dolls before. She played with... books...

Ichika gave the teddy bear to Yuki. Then, she motioned the rabbit doll she was holding as if it was hopping toward Yuki.

"Good morning, Kuma-chan. How are you today?" Ichika's squeaky voice asked. Yuki didn't answer, she was confused.

"Her name is Kuma-chan and her name is Usa." Ichika told her. "Kuma-chan is feeling good today so she should answer Usa's question!" Ichika smiled.

"Um... I'm good! Uh... How about you... Usa?" Yuki moved the teddy bear's head as if it was talking. Ichika's smile grew bigger.

"I'm good too! Today is a very nice day! Let's go play in the park!" Ichika said.

The two girls continued to play dolls together. Since then, the two became closer.

Bakugou Katsuki

Katsuya has been friends with Ichika since their mothers introduced them to each other. At first, both of them didn't talk much, but they grew closer as they spent time together.

"Kacchan, my mom told you to eat dinner with my family." Ichika spoke up.

"Today?" Katsuya asked from above the slides.

"Mm-hm. She said she'll be cooking your favorite food, so you have to come." Ichika said. Katsuya stayed still for a moment before sliding down.

"But, my dad won't allow me." Katsuya said.

"Mom said she already told your mom so it's fine." Ichika said. "You'll come, right? Please?"


"Yay!" Ichika jumped happily, her face was full of joy. When she took a step, she tripped over her shoelaces and fell down to the grounds. Katsuya quickly approached her.

"Are you okay? Did you get hurt?" Katsuya asked, seemingly worried.

"Hehe, I fell down." Ichika scratched her head, letting out an embarrassed laugh.

"Stupid." Katsuya mocked her. He crouched down to tie her shoelaces. Then, he took her hands and helped her to stand.

"Let's go home." Katsuya said, still holding Ichika's hand in his.

"Why are you holding my hand?" Ichika asked innocently as they walked together.

"So you won't fall down again."

No one knows since when Katsuya developed a protective attitude toward Ichika.

Todoroki Shouto

Shouya and Ryuu are very different from each other. Shouya is calm while Ryuu is energetic. Despite that, they surprisingly get along well.

"What is two plus two?" Ryuu asked Shouya, who was sitting beside him.

"It's four." Shouya answered after counting using his fingers.


Shouya looked at Ryuu's notebook.

"Ryuu, what is this?" Shouya asked, pointing to an unreadable word on the book.

"That is 'today'!" Ryuu answered.

"And this?"


"How about this?"



Ryuu then laughed at Shouya.

"You can't read my writings, huh?" He asked and Shouya nodded.

"Oh, did you watch yesterday's episode of The Mighty Hero?" Shouya asked.

"I did!" Ryuu exclaimed.

"It was super amazing!"

They get along very well.

Iida Tenya

Yuki and Shouya have something in common, their quiet nature. They don't talk often, but they seem to understand each other well.

"What book are you reading?" Shouya asked.

"A book about animals." Yuki answered.

Shouya hummed and turned back his focus to his paper. He continued to draw something on the paper. After a while, he looked back at Yuki and he noticed her eyes. Then, he peeked at her book.

"Do you like cats?" Shouya asked.

"How do you know?"

"Because your eyes look happy." He said.

Yuki didn't notice that she was looking at the cats with much happiness. She wondered how Shouya noticed that. Yuki looked at what Shouya was drawing.

"Is that your mother?"

"Yes!" Shouya smiled.

"Your drawing is good."

Maybe they can even understand each other without talking.

Kirishima Eijiro

Ryuu and Katsuya are very close, just like their fathers. Ryuu often came to Katsuya's house to play with him.

"Your house is really huge!" Ryuu exclaimed.

"You've already been here for a few times though." Katsuya pointed out.

"But, it's still amazing!" Ryuu said. "And your room is soooo big! It's three times bigger than mine!"

"But it gets lonely." Katsuya mumbled.

Ryuu stared at him for a moment.

"Do you sleep alone every night?" Ryuu asked.

"My mother sometimes sleeps with me. But everytime she sleeps with me, dad always wakes up with a bad mood." Katsuya explained.

"Maybe your dad wants to sleep with your mom?" Ryuu tilted his head.

"I guess... Do you sleep with your parents every day?" Katsuya asked back.

"Un! Every day!" Ryuu nodded his head with a grin.

"That's nice..." Katsuya mumbled quietly.

"Can I sleepover tonight?" Ryuu suddenly asked.


"Let's play together until we're exhausted! I'll sleep with you tonight!" Ryuu grinned. "Ah, maybe your father won't be happy with that."

"No!" Katsuya immediately replied. "He'll allow you! So...Y-you should sleep here tonight!" He reasoned.

Ryuu watched his friend with a smile. Katsuya went out from his room with a big smile on his face.

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