The Newborn Baby

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Midoriya Izuku

"Ichika, it's Daddy!"

Midoriya sat on his bed. He was cradling a baby girl in his arms. He made funny faces and the baby giggled.

"I hope you grow up well!" Midoriya grinned as he fawned over his daughter, Ichika. She truly is a gift from God, just like her name.

"I hope you will have an awesome quirk like your mother, or maybe I can pass my quirk to you like All Might did with me. On second thought, I hope you have your own wonderful quirk. When you grow up, you'll attend UA Academy and become a great hero like All Might! But, I guess Kacchan's son will also attend UA and what if he is the exact same person as his father?! Now, I'm really worried... Should you go to UA or not? I hope Kacchan's son is not as bad as him... But, it is Kacchan's son after all. He might..."

And for a good few minutes, Midoriya continued his mutterings with his wife shaking her head at him.

Bakugou Katsuki

It was midnight and Bakugou's family was asleep. It was quite peaceful until someone let out a yell.


Bakugou immediately ended the call and turned off his phone. He huffed in annoyance and walked out from his office. He went toward his bedroom, which was beside his office room.

He peeked inside and his expression softened. He closed the door quietly behind him and walked toward the bed. There was his wife, sleeping soundly while holding the hand of her baby boy.

Bakugou stared at both of them for a while. He then reached out his hand and stroked his wife's hair. They were the reason he tried to keep quiet, although he failed.

But, it's a good thing he ordered a soundproof room for his office.

Todoroki Shouto

"Ahhh..." The baby boy opened his mouth widely. His tiny hands are holding both of his father's cheeks.

"Ah..." Todoroki, who was laying on his stomach, imitated his son by opening his mouth too.

Shouya let out a giggle, gently patting his Todoroki's cheeks. While the father and son continued to play together, the mother crouched in front of the door, watching the two of them. They both have such a beautiful smile on their face.

"I might die out of cuteness in this house." She muttered to herself while letting out a dreamy sigh.

Todoroki moved his face closer to Shouya. The baby kept his tiny hands on Todoroki's face. Shouya pecked his father's nose, which made the latter smile. Todoroki replied the gesture by kissing Shouya's head.

[Name] quickly left the room to do the laundry before she dies for real.

Iida Tenya

"Um... Tenya, I don't think Yuki needs this right now." [Name] said, picking up a book set with pencils.

"It is essential for Yuki to learn how to write early." Iida said while busy organizing things on the desk.

"And I don't see any toys in here. You didn't buy any?" [Name] asked and her husband shook his head.

"Are you not going to allow our daughter to have fun? She's only a month old and you're already giving her learning equipments." [Name] complained.

"I personally think Yuki has to grow up into a smart girl. She has to..." [Name] stopped hearing her husband's nonsense.

"Don't you think so too, Yuki?" Iida turned to his daughter, who was staring at him frok the baby bed.

"Tenya, did you seriously buy a dictionary for Yuki?!"

[Name] has to deal with her husband idealistic vision that day.

Kirishima Eijiro

Kirishima walked into his bedroom with a wide grin.

"Daddy has returned!" He exclaimed, picking up his newborn son. The baby gave a wide grin.

"Did you really ask Bakugou to name our son?" [Name] questioned her husband.

"I did! He didn't answer me after I brought his old hero name up." Kirishima replied cheerfully.

"That's a relief. I don't think I want my son to have a name like King Explosion Murder or some sort of that..." She mumbled.

Kirishima raised his son, who was giggling, in the air. His son raised both of his fists, as if he was flying. Then, Kirishima looked at the clothes his son was wearing.

"Ryuu." He suddenly called out.


"Look, it's a dragon!" Kirishima gestured toward the baby dragon picture on his son's clothes.

"Let's name him Ryuu!" He exclaimed with a wide grin.

Although [Name] has so many protests, she decided to go with that name.

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