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Midoriya Ichika

• The definition of pure.

• Among the other children, she's the most pure and innocent.

• Is smiling a hobby?

• An absolute cutie since born until now. Maybe until she dies but let's not think about it for now.

• Honestly, who would hate her? She's just too lovely to hate. Even when a villain who is targetting her got hurt, she'll lend a hand. After that, the villain let her go.

• Long green hair, usually tied into half updo. She looks like her grandmother, which is adorable. Her grandmother loves her.

• She gets nervous easily. If she's nervous, she would sweat, or let out some tears, or fiddle with her fingers, or *mutter mutter mutter*

• Clumsy, especially if she's nervous.

"Okay, today is the first day of my junior high school. I shouldn't ruin anything or I may even be an outcast for the rest of the years. First impression is important, as Dad said. Remember to always smile and-"

A hand grabbed her forehead and stopped her before she bumped onto a pole. She blinked in surprise before turning around.

"Watch where you're going."


• Gets along well with her friends, especially Shouya and Yuki. What? You're asking who her best friend is? It's Katsuya of course.

• She has an awesome quirk, naturally passed down from her father. She has a good understanding of her quirk but there were some times when her quirk went out of control and she ended up with some broken bones.

• If she really had to choose, she would choose her father over her mother. Sorry mates, she's a daddy girl.

• Please refrain from hurting this baby girl if you don't want to get blown to bits. This explains why no one dares to mess with her.

• Her type? She loves her father so... An awkward, shy, fluffy broccoli? Well, as long as he's kind. She doesn't really like violent boys with an exception of Katsuya since she likes him just the way he is.

• Not romantically...

• Yet.

• Did you hear someone flipping in the background? That's her father.

• She gets scared easily and would jump around if someone surprises her. One time when she entered a haunted house, she couldn't walk and had to be carried by her friend.

• Her favorite hero is her father, of course. But after her father told her about the history of One For All, she finds All Might and Nana Shimura amazing.

• Where do babies come from?

"I know it now! And I know how babies are made! My friend told me about intercourse!"

Yes, Midoriya is fainting now.

"So, what do they link? Hands?"

• Please protect this innocent baby.

Bakugou Katsuya

• Does he ever smile?

• He's a calmer version of his father. His looks? A perfect copy of his father. Look at that permanent scowl on his face.

• He may look rough, but he's not that heartless. He acts tough, but he's actually scared of ghosts lol.

• Mom or Dad? Definitely mother and he doesn't even feel bad for his father. Did you hear the curses on the background? Yes, that's his father.

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