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Midoriya Izuku

Since he's still easily embarrased, which actually made his wife wonder why, [Name] is often the big spoon.

But whenever he's feeling happy, he would gladly scoop her in his arms, holding her as close as possible while talking about his day.

"And then Todoroki-kun- Oh!"

Midoriya stopped talking when he saw his son peeking at them. His face turned red, so did his son's.

"H-H-H-Hiro! W-what are you doing there?!" He stuttered, releasing his arms from [Name].

"Um..." Hiro muttered from behind the walls.

"Um... I-I... I want a hug too..."

His parents awed at him before telling him to come over.

He happily plopped between them, smiling widely.

Bakugou Katsuki

It was a rare, peaceful night in Bakugou's household. He was sitting on the sofa, arm around his wife, holding her close. His eyes bored at the television.

"... The heck are you watching?" He asked.

"A drama about one night stand."

Bakugou blinked at her as she explained this man in the show who is handsome and rich but likes to play around with girls.

"You like that kind of man...? But I'm not like that."

[Name] grinned, placing a finger on his chin, "I know!"


Both of them turned to the new voice. They saw their youngest son staring at them in disgust.

"What are you guys doing? Lewd things?" Itsuki asked as he walked into his room, leaving his parents dumbfounded.

"... THAT BRAT!"

Todoroki Shouto

It was morning and Todoroki was going to take the twins to their school.

Renji and Reina were running around the house, grabbing their things and shoving them all into their bags.

"Is this my book?"

"I think that's mine."

"But it says... Rei... Rei... Is it Rei?"

"No, that's Ren."

After they finished packing their things, they ran out together from their room. They stopped when they saw their father hugging their mother by the front door.

Todoroki was talking to [Name] with his arms around him when suddenly, two pairs of tiny arms wrapped themselves around his legs.

"Me too!" Renji said, hugging his leg.

"Me three!" Reina exclaimed, grinning widely.

The two happily joined their hug and [Name] couldn't stop smiling at them.

Iida Tenya

It was a peaceful night where [Name] and Iida were enjoying their moment together. She was resting her head on his chest while he was caressing her hair.


[Name] turned to look at her son. He was looking puzzled as he stared at them.

"What's wrong, Yuji?" Iida asked.

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