Shinsou Hitoshi

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The Newborn Baby

Shinsou Hayato, does it sound strange? [Name] spent almost a month to think of a name for her son. When she asked her husband, he simply answered "What about Shouta?" He and his admiration for his former mentor. Why don't he have a kid with his mentor, then.

Little Hayato opened his purple eyes and yawned cutely. He was just moved into his own crib from the hospital. Shinsou stared at his son as he toss and turn on his bed.

"Does he look like me?" Shinsou asked.

"He's the exact copy of you. It's cute." [Name] answered.

"I am not cute, [Name]." Shinsou stated.

Hayato stared at his father for a moment. He squinted his eyes, as if he was disgusted, and turned his face away.

"... I wonder why I felt hurt by that gesture." Shinsou mumbled.

"Whatever. I'm tired. I'm taking a nap."

"I'm the one who delivered the baby and you're the one who's tired?" [Name] pouted as she watched her husband slipping into the covers.

"At least help me do the laundries, will you? There are piles of them because you- Ugh, never mind."

[Name] sighed as Shinsou's soft snores were heard.

The New Parents

Shinsou was sitting on the couch, changing the channels on TV to find something good. He stopped at a news about villains and his eyes were glued at the screen.

He was too focused to the point he didn't notice someone crying from his bedroom. His wife was out buying foods so he was supposed to look after Hayato.

Even when the door opened and his wife speaking to him, he didn't budge. [Name] glared at him and walked into their room, closing the door as hard as she could and that finally gained Shinsou's attention.

"[Name], are you back?" He asked but no one responded.

After the news finished, he walked toward his room and opened the door. He saw his wife holding his son, cradling him to sleep. He noticed that his son's face was wet and flushed red.

"What happened to him?" Shinsou asked.

[Name] simply glared at him, ignoring him.

Not realizing what his mistake and afraid of angering her more, Shinsou stood in silence, looking down on the floors like a kitten being disciplined.


"Did you forget anything?" [Name] asked and the purple haired boy shook her head. Shinsou noticed some of his friends from high school and he waved at them.

Hayato didn't forget to kiss his mother's cheeks before he walk into the school. Waving at his parents, he turned around and immediately bumped into a wall.

"H-Hayato, watch out..." [Name] muttered with worry.

Hayato waved his hands at her, telling her not to worry. He finally walked into the school gate and he was almost sent flying by a kid twice bigger than him. Again, he waved at his parents, who were watching him restlessly.

"I think he lacks sleep." Shinsou said.

Two girls suddenly approached Hayato and introduced themselves to him.

"Oh? It looks like Hayato's making friend already." [Name] said.

"No, they're hitting on him. A hundred percent hitting on him, no doubt." Shinsou mumbled as he watched the girls following his son everywhere.

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