How did you meet Mommy?

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Midoriya Izuku

"Daddy, how did you meet Mommy?" Ichika asked, her green eyes staring up at her father.

"Hm? How do I met your mom? Well..." Midoriya scratched his bead, smiling sheepishly.

"We both were a student at UA Academy. Back when we were high schoolers, Daddy always go to the infirmary because of injuries and Mommy was training under the nurse, so we met each othe often." Midoriya told his daughter.

"But after Daddy stopped getting hurt, we didn't see each other that much. There was this one time when I visited the infirmary just to see her. Mommy gave a big smile when she saw Daddy." Midoriya imitated his wife's smile as he patted Ichika's head.

"After that, we just... you know... hehe..." Midoriya spent a whole minute, giddily remembering his moments with his wife.

"Oh, the very first time I met her. I was unconscious and when I opened my eyes, she was holding my shirt up and searching for any bruises. I was very embarrassed..."

Bakugou Katsuki

"How did you meet mom?" Katsuya suddenly asked making an irked mark appeared on his father's head.

"Damned brat didn't even call his father." Bakugou growled.

"We met at the convenience store." He said curtly.

"What happened then?" Bakugou raised a brow at his son's curiosity. It was a rare thing for Katsuya to even talk to him, so he decided to humor him.

"There was a pickpocket incident done by a villain, I was at the convenience store that time. I wasn't allowed to use my quirk because I didn't have my hero license. Before I could chase the villain, the freak suddenly collapsed in pain. It turned out that [Name] used her quirk on him. She wasn't a formal student so she got away from using quirk in public." Bakugou explained.

"Mom is not a student?" Katsuya tilted his head.

"No, she wasn't. Her family could only afford her sister's tuition..." Bakugou trailed off, his mind thinking back to the time he had with his wife.

"But under some circumstances, I met her at UA Academy again. She was... kinda like Deku, minus the stuttering." Bakugou scoffed. "She was caring, I felt comfortable around her."

"She also likes to give me those very sour jelly candies... that turns sweet after you savored it." He smiled at the end of his sentences.

Katsuya stared up at his father.

"Don't tell her I told you this." Bakugou said, glaring at his son.

Katsuya stared at him blankly before standing up from the sofa.

"Gonna tell."

Bakugou chased his son around the house before his wife found out about his feelings.


That was the longest conversation they ever had as father and son.

Todoroki Shouto

"Dad, how did you meet Mom?" Shouya asked.

"We lived in the same neighborhood. She lived in an apartment two blocks away from my house. We first met at a convenience store." Toroki spoke.

"I remembered it was three in the morning, she walked into the convenience store, wearing a knitted sweater. She bought a paracetamol, but she didn't brought her wallet so I paid for her. She told me to meet at the convenience store the next day to return the money, but she never came." Todoroki said.

"The next time we met was at school. I was going to pay for my lunch but she paid it before me, saying that it was for that time in the convenience store. After that, I learnt her name."

"After some months, she actually confessed to me but I rejected her."

Shouya's shoulders dropped in sadness.

"Why did you do that? You're mean..." Shouya whined.

"I didn't realize my own feelings back then." Todoroki smiled as he ruffled his son's hair.

"When I realized it, I was worried. I wanted to tell her but I've already rejected her. I thought of myself as a jerk." He chuckled.

"But when I told her, she was delighted. She even shed tears. Her feelings didn't change for me even though I rejected her. And I was beyond glad."

Shouya stared at his father's face.

He was definitely lovestruck.

Iida Tenya

"Father, how did you meet Mother?" Yuki asked.

"Oh, that was one of the most atrocious moment in history." Iida sighed.

"Your Mother was one of the most troublesome student in the class. She was one of the few people who gets along with Bakugou-kun." Iida began.

"She actually didn't know my name so she called me by 'emergency exit guy' back then." Iida chuckled.

"Her grades were pretty average, but she excelled in sports. She was always seeking fun in every activities. It turned out that she was actually pressured by her parents to be the smartest." He continued.

"I didn't know that she has such a problem. She was always laughing after all. But, she was able to overcome it herself and that's admirable." Iida smiled.

"So, Mother changed after meeting you?" Yuki asked again.

"I guess you could say so."

"Oh, there was this one time when she was on top of the ladder, cleaning the windows in the school hallway. I was in a rush so I sprinted past her, knocking the ladder. She fell on top of me and since then, everyone started to hook us together."

Iida stayed still for a moment.

"It wasn't an atrocious moment. It was the most wonderful thing that ever happened my life, meeting you mother."

Kirishima Eijiro

"Dad, how did you meet Mom?" Ryuu asked.

"We went to same elementary school and high school." Kirishima answered. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just want to know how you met her." Ryuu said.

"Hm..." Kirishima tilted his head.

"She was a quiet girl, smart and reserved. She was actually very kind, but her cold personality made people think of her as a rude girl. I don't speak much with her in elementary school. I was closer to her younger twins." Kirishima recalled.

"We met again at high school and I only spoke to her to ask for her younger twins. But we got closer because we had assignments together. She was a nice person."

"At first, she didn't even look at me when we're talking. But now, she always looks at me with those puppy eyes and smiles at me!" Kirishima grinned. "She's really beautiful when she smiles, you know?"

"Yes, she is!" Ryuu chirped.

"I'm glad I married her and have you!" Kirishima picked his son up and raised him high in the air.

"Oh, your Mom is also very insecure. She gets down when people thought of her badly, but she didn't know how to express herself." Kirishima chuckled.

"Cute, isn't she?"

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