Making Up

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Midoriya Izuku

Again, they were sitting together at the dining table. One was staring at his food and the other staring at her tea.

Ichika watched them from the sofa.

"So..." Both of them said at the same time.

"You first." [Name] said.

"N-No, you first." Midoriya shook his head.

"No, no, you first."

Ichika frowned, gripping the sofa. She's feeling annoyed as if she was watching a drama.

"Alright then..." Midoriya gave in.


"T-The weather sure is nice today, haha!"

"Just apologize to each other already!" Ichika yelled and both of them jumped from their seats.

"I'm really sorry, [Name]! I shouldn't have said those things to you!"

"It's all my fault, Izuku! I shouldn't have leave Hiro alone!"

"But you have work so it can't be helped!"

"But I neglected my duty as a mother!"


Ichika deadpanned at them, who were bowing to each other. It looks like the apologizing session will take longer than expected.

Bakugou Katsuki

"As much as I want you to leave the house, I prefer not to see Mom with another man other than you."

Bakugou stared at the bouquet of flowers on Katsuya's hand. He was quite surprised because his son actually cares about his relationship with his wife. He reluctantly took the bouquet.

"As much as I hate you, I pray for your success."

"Just shut up."

Bakugou sighed, ruffling his hair. He thought of something to say to his wife when something popped inside his head.

"Wait a minute. Did you see her walking with another man?" Bakugou asked and Katsuya shrugged.

"Tch. Talk."

"I do." Katsuya spoke.

"Who's the bastard?"


As soon as [Name] came out from the bedroom, Bakugou literally dragged her back inside.

Katsuya snickered.

It was a white lie of course.

He didn't see his mother with another man.

"He and his inferiority complex..."

Todoroki Shouto

"So, uh..."

[Name] tilted her head, smiling.

"I think... Shouto is... avoiding me again somehow..."

Her smile turned into a frown. Her father-in-law proceeded to tell her how his son was keeping his distance from him. [Name] listened to his worries and he thanked her before walking to his bedroom.

[Name] walked to Todoroki's room and opened the door. Her husband was laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling blankly. They were at the Todoroki household and their schildren were sleeping in the guest room, which was huge as hell.

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