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Midoriya Izuku

The sound of a baby crying echoed throughout the room. Ichika, who was doing her homework in the living room, sighed. She stood up from the floors and walked to the rug where Hiro was playing.

"There, there, what is wrong now?" Ichika asked tiredly, hugging Hiro.

Hiro kept crying as he held onto Ichika's clothes. After a few minutes, he finally calmed down. Ichika put him down and walked back to the table.

She was exhausted.

This always happens whenever her parents weren't home. She has to do her homework while watching over Hiro, who literally cries at everything.

A deafening scream made Ichika broke the tip of her pencil.

"What is it now?" Ichika asked, exasperated at her own brother.

She went over to her brother and crouched in front of him.

"If you don't say anything then how am I supposed to know what do you want?" Ichika asked.

Someone knocked on the door and yelled, "Please keep it down!"

Ichika's eyes teared up.

"I would have if I could!"

She sniffed.

"You're making me cry too..." She said to Hiro. She picked him up and cradled him.

"... I'm tired." She muttered with tears in her eyes. Hiro immediately calmed down after Ichika held him.

Ichika sniffed again.

"I'm sorry for cying, Hiro."

Since then, she knew how annoying it is to look after someone who is always crying. As a result, Ichika cries lesser now.

Bakugou Katsuki

Itsuki never puts his toys back after playing with them. He would leave them on the floors and forget about them until his mother see it.

"Oi, clean up your toys." Katsuya said when Itsuki walked past him. He just finished playing.


Katsuya clicked his tongue. He knew his mother will come home with a frown if she sees it. Being a good son he is, he doesn't want to bother his mother. But there's no way he would clean them up, he wasn't the one who used them after all.

"Clean them or mom's going to yell at you."

"Mommy never yells at me!"

Katsuya growled. He's true. His mother never yells at Itsuki because he's still very young.

"Wahhhhh!!!" Katsuya jumped from the sofa.

He rushed toward Mizuki, who suddenly cried. It turned out that when she was crawling, her hand was pressed against one of Katsuya's toys. The edge of of the toy scraped her skin.

Itsuki seemed to notice it too.

"You little shit."

Itsuki gulped.

"Clean. Them. Now."

Itsuki frantically gathered his toys while Katsuya treated Mizuki's hand.

Todoroki Shouto

"Brother, play with me!" Reina said as she held Shouya's right hand.

"No, he's going to play with me!" Renji said as he pulled Shouya's left hand.

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