The Children

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Midoriya Izuku

Ichika is a shy girl. It's hard for her to speak up when she met a new friend. Luckily, her mother had introduced her to Katsuya so she at least has one friend. She would hid her face behind some things or with her own palms when she felt shy. Those reactions made her look cute to anyone.

Ichika has a dark green hair that stopped on her back. Her hair was straight, not like her father's. She also has a pair of green eyes. Ichika looks more alike with her father than her mother.

Her mother is a fan of cute things. She really likes to play with Ichika's hair, especially braiding. She likes to braid Ichika's hair in any model she finds cute. No wonder she was really happy to have a daughter.

Every day, Ichika would come to school with a different hairstyle. Usually, teachers might find it quite distracting. But with Ichika, they didn't.

Because no one can deny how adorable Ichika actually is.

Bakugou Katsuki

Katsuya is a mini version of both his father and mother. He doesn't talk to strangers, he shows annoyance when something doesn't go his way, and sometimes he gets mad easily. But, he also has a cute side, especially how he sticks on his mother like a koala.

Katsuya looks like his father, end of story. Though, he looks less vicious than his father. And his mother loves it! There's nothing more perfect than a calm version of her husband. That's why she called her with his husband's old nickname.

Katsuya really respects his father. He looks up to him and want to be as strong as him, even though he won't admit it. And he loves his mother very much, even Bakugou gets irritated if his son 'snatches' his wife.

Because he doesn't talk to strangers, Katsuya doesn't have many friends at school. He only plays with Ichika and Ryuu. When another kid got on his nerves, he doesn't hesitate to use violence and his father is proud of this.

Bakugou will never admit it, but he's glad to have Katsuya as his son.

Todoroki Shouto

Shouya is a lovely boy. He loves his parents very much. He loves his father, who always showers him with affections. He also loves his mother, who is the kindest person in the universe. Shouya is very obedient and he is always happy around his parents.

Shouya undoubtedly looks like his father. His hair is red on the left side and white on the right side with a ratio of 2:1. That makes him look charming. His eyes were also a pair of mismatched colors, grey and turquoise.

Shouya didn't bear any resemblances with his mother, but the latter couldn't care less. She's happy to have such a wonderful son. And she's also happy because her son looks like the man she loved.

Shouya might looks like a quiet boy, but he's undeniably cute around his parents.

Iida Tenya

Yuki is a well-mannered girl. She was taught to be polite from a very young age, even before she was born. She is really the ideal daughter for her father.

Yuki has a short dark blue hair. She has this dignified appearance. Everything around her just screams 'sophisticated' and 'reserved'. No wonder people thought that she came from a rich family, and she actually does.

Her friends said that she's pretty. She is also the smartest student in class. The teachers often compliment her politeness. She easily becomes the teachers' favorite student.

Though, her mother wishes Yuki would act more like a kid.

Kirishima Eijiro

Ryuu is a very energetic boy. He always has the energy to play and run around. He never gets tired. His parents couldn't keep up with him sometimes. Nevertheless, he's a nice kid.

He has a red hair, just like his father. He doesn't have sharp teeth like his father, but his fangs are visibly sharp. His mother had once imagined that he fits a bad boy image.

Ryuu is always cheerful. There's this happy-go-lucky vibe around him. He's also a social butterfly so it takes no time for him to make many friends and they like him. The teachers also agree that he is the nicest boy in the class.

Though it can get really difficult when Ryuu won't stay still.

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