Chapter 22

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+Cipher Mansion [Bill's Room]+

Staring down at what was now an enemy, everyone but Dipper seemed rather shocked. Dipper, having already gotten a rather rough beating not too much long before so he wasn't very shocked that Nella would stop them now. "Nella can't you see that none of us want to be here? Just let us go." Bill attempted at reason, something that would surprise anyone really. Since Bill was more known for hot headed out bursts. "Bill you should really see that, that vampire is controlling all of you. No matter how good they claim to be, any vampire will turn on you as soon as they get the chance."

Nella seemed rather angry when she spoke those words, denting and breaking through her usual neutral look. But any anger that was on her face would soon vanish as she held up her sword. This caused the room to grow colder, without thinking, magic would cover Dippers hands. Before he stepped closer, a deadly look upon his face as he slipped into a fighting position. "Pine Tree..!" Bill would seem hesitant, he didn't want to watch his best friend fight his family. In fact he seemed to be leaning more towards escaping rather than fighting her off.

"I'm not going to keep letting your family get in the way of things Bill." The coldness to his tone shocked everyone, soon Dipper was raising his arms to throw a blast of magic at the ground. This easily broke a hole into the floor and caused tons of dust and debris to be kicked up in the process. While the humans struggled to see through the cloud, Dipper quickly grabbed onto Alfred, Will, and Bill. Dragging them towards the window as quickly as possible before suddenly throwing his body through it.

The glass shattered with ease and Dipper did his best to float everyone out the window and to the ground. One at a time of course, it was rather difficult to attempt to carry three people at once. Calling out to their panthers, which both showed up rather quick, Will and Alfred would ride on their backs. Meanwhile, Dipper carried Bill, bridal style since it was far easier than any other way. Though naturally by the time they were settled, especially with everyone's bags, the dust had cleared and Nella was standing in front of the shattered window.

"I won't let you escape filth." Though muttered under her breath, Dipper heard it perfectly well. Soon watching as Nella body jumped from the window, landing gracefully on the ground moments later. With Bill in his hands, Dipper wouldn't be able to cast much magic. His worried eyes turning to Nella in both anger and fear, so he was rather shocked to find a sphere surrounding the girl. In fact, it was colored by the very same magic Dipper wielded. It was a split second chance, and he had to take it. "Let's go!" The shout drifted past his lips and he was quickly flying towards their forest home he knew so well.

The panthers doing their best to keep up seeing as they had a much heavier load than Dipper did. Dipper could hear it, Nella slashing angrily at the bubble he formed to trap her. He didn't know how he did it just yet, but it was a very lucky thing that he did. Though he soon felt the shield dissipate, but not until they were out of eye sight. Strangely enough, Dipper could feel his magic. Like, more than usual, he could feel it's residue on the spot where he trapped Nella.

On the very blade she used to attempt to stop him, though it was fading quickly into the nothingness of the world, for a brief moment, he could hold onto it. This would be something he'd have to look into in the future when he had time, but for now, the focus was to escape. Suppose now that they had a few more hands on deck they could begin building a better home for themselves. Dipper would quickly return to the home he had gotten used to over the years, the cave both himself and Bill shared. 

Though now, he would be sharing it with Bill, Will, and Alfred, which would make the space a bit more cramped than usual. They would really have to get into possibly building a house for themselves, a cabin or a shack would probably be really helpful. Plus if they could get more people who didn't like all the fighting, they could relocate here with them. The idea of starting up their own little village sounded amazing, though it would definitely take some time to do. Dipper hadn't realized he was still carrying Bill, even though they had settled down quite some time ago. 

"Pinetree?" The confused voice soon hit his ears as he turned his attention down to Bill. Blinking momentarily before soon blushing a bit as he quickly put Bill down. "A-Ah sorry.. I was distracted.." Dipper quickly muttered out as he looked down, rubbing the back of his head as he smiled nervously. This prompted Bill to laugh at his friend's antics as he soon nudged him slightly. "Don't be! That thing you did back there was amazing! I didn't know you could make shields!" Bill grinned at the vampire, earning a grin back as he shrugged. 

"I don't think I really knew I could do that either.." Bill gave Dipper a bit of a curious look, but any further conversation was cut off by Will. "W-What are we gonna do now..? W-We're going to be outlawed.. hunted down like animals..!" The male stuttered, trembling slightly as he turned his attention to the two. Wondering why they were so casual about this whole ordeal. "Nah it'll be okay. Not like they can do much against us anyways, they'd have to find us first!" Bill would grin, seemingly proud of his comment as he soon grabbed Will's hand and began dragging him towards the makeshift cave home they had. 

Dipper stared on, thinking to himself as he did so. Was he getting stronger? What other powers might he have? It's already strange enough to be so powerful regardless of his more weaker physical body.. He was teased often for his 'noodle arms' when he was younger. Yet his physical body never really seemed to gain muscle, he was clearly growing much stronger in the magical department. Maybe one day he could be strong enough to over power a royal.. The thought brought immediate fear to the young vampire, who quickly dismissed it and rushed after Bill and Will. 

Alfred had been watching the vampire for sometime, staring on as he soon sighed. "One day you will learn Master Pines..." The butler muttered out, his attention soon turning towards a stray rabbit who stared at the butler. With a quick flash, Alfred had captured the rabbit, snapping it's neck with his bare fangs and quickly drinking the blood of the animal. He seemed strangely graceful about it, not a single drop of blood getting onto his clothing or the area. Disposing of the carcass quickly, Alfred soon headed towards the cave after the younger men. 

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