Chapter 27

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+Waterfall Clearing [With Bill & Dipper]+

Bill and Dipper continued to shyly stare at nothing in particular, the vampire twiddling his thumbs while the human stared at the rushing waters of the falls. Soon Bill had finally worked up the courage to speak to the brunette once more, seeing as he did kinda just kiss him. "S-So Pinetree.. D-Did I uh..? Did you.." The usually calm and collected human was stumbling over his words, struggling to even come to terms with how he should ask his question. Though it did catch the attention of Dipper, who turned towards him with a soft smile.

Their blushes were clear and the duo found themselves staring into each other's eyes. Dipper getting lost in the golden hues and Bill getting lost in chocolate goodness. It was a strange occurrence, though it seemed to calm the two more than they cared to admit. The marks upon their wrists glowing once more as Bill found his words, "Dipper.. I've liked you for a while now.. I-I just.. I didn't realize how much until you started vanishing all afternoon.. I've been worried about you. I wanted to go and see you, but I knew you probably wanted space after what happened.."

Dipper knew exactly what Bill meant by 'what happened,' referring to his family attempting to murder him and lock the rest of them in the mansion. Though Dipper cared little for that now, he was just happy to be around Bill. Along with the fact that his longtime crush liked him back. "I like you too Bill.. I um.. Have for a while too.. But I thought you'd never think of me like that.. especially since you never said you were gay or anything.." The vampire mumbled out, causing Bill's blush to darken further while he stared on with wide eyes.

Without much warning, Dipper leaned in and planted another kiss upon Bill's lips. Causing the human to grow even more flustered before the rustling of leaves caused them both to quickly pull away from one another and scoot as far as they could from each other. Will and Alfred stepping out of the brush with various plants and berries, though when they noticed the scene before them, they couldn't help but question what happened when they were gone. "I-I brought s-s-some herbs a-and f-f-fruit.." Will spoke, causing the blushing human and vampire to nod and attempt to ignore what had just happened. 

The glow of their marks having died out, barely noticeable in the afternoon heat. "T-Thanks guys.. though I heal much faster than humans, I don't think this all was really that important." Dipper mumbled out, though he was happy to be around Bill alone again, along with getting to confess his feelings and have them returned. Will shook his head rapidly, "Y-You're a-a friend P-Pinetree! O-Of course I had to..!"  Dipper couldn't help but smile at the sweet words from the blueberry male, nodding softly as he slowly stood up. "I understand, but my wounds mostly healed see?"

Will stared on a bit baffled by the fact that the vampire's wounds were indeed almost healed. Though Dipper felt himself being tugged back to the ground to sit by Bill. "Now now Pinetree, just because they're almost healed doesn't mean you shouldn't get rest!" Dipper found himself being crushed to Bill's side, causing him to roll his eyes as Bill laughed. Will couldn't help but smile, Alfred making his way over to where the tents were set up and beginning to place some of the herbs down the baby blue one. Will watched, though he quickly grew distracted and found himself staring at Bill.

Finally noticing the blood that was on his face, his eyes grew wide as he moved closer to the human and vampire. "B-Bill..? Are y-you bleeding..?" This caused Bill to stop laughing, and teasing Dipper. Both of them staring at Will before soon blushing quite heavy shades of red. Rushing over to the water they had packed, grabbing out a bottle and quickly downing a large mouthful. Only to use the water like mouthwash and spit it out somewhere else moments later. The young vampire would chuckle, watching as Bill soon turned back to Will and gave him a grin, now blood free.

"Ah well.. I was pretending to be a vampire like Pinetree! I was wondering what blood tasted like so I tried some!" This caused Will to shake his head disapprovingly while Dipper struggled to hold back his laughter. Soon the group was settling back down, Dipper had gotten a fire started at their little camp while Will went over to the herbs and began making some strange drink. Which was later forced upon a rather unhappy Dipper, since the foul drink tasted similar to mud and a horse's arse. 

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