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UnWilling Roommates (Bill x Reader x Will) by cunzy4
UnWilling Roommates (Bill x cunzy4
Crossbows, murder, magic, and hijinks aplenty! From the moment you arrive in Reverse Falls, you're thrown into a whirlwind of a conspiracy where the beloved magicians...
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Gravity Falls Ship One-Shots by The_Cipher_Helper
Gravity Falls Ship One-Shotsby William T. Cipher Strange
Just some Gravity Falls ship one-shots. Requests are always welcomed. Warning some one-shots do contain mild language and some are smut story's.
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iNsANe - BillDip by mattonaide
iNsANe - BillDipby Rad
|| THIS STORY HAS BEEN ADOPTED || When a child is of the young age of just twelve, they are rushed into a hospital like structure. Inside this tall building, they are t...
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A Code to DeCipher (BillDip) by SilverWolfATW
A Code to DeCipher (BillDip)by Silver Wolf
Book 1 in a 3 Book series... Dipper and Mabel Pines are back in Gravity Falls for another summer. They may be sixteen, but the thrill of the mystery is still there! For...
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Rain or Shine (UnWilling Roommates book 2.5) by cunzy4
Rain or Shine (UnWilling cunzy4
A collection of one-shots and scenarios about Bill and Will. Takes place after the end of my book UnWanted Reunion, but it's a stand-alone book so you don't have to rea...
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|Trust No One| (Dipper Pines X Reader) by losersquadunite
|Trust No One| (Dipper Pines X LoserSquadUnite
_________________________________________ "Maybe if you hadn't been such a little Jerk throughout the year I wouldn't feel the need to send you away during the Summ...
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Coincidence - Bill Cipher x Reader by arrangetheblocks
Coincidence - Bill Cipher x Readerby Dweeb Enthusiast
Bill is a demon. But let's hope his "love" doesn't find that out.
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Codes And Ciphers by ImDarkerThanBlack
Codes And Ciphersby SHIROGLYPHICS
Learn more codes and ciphers using this book. (best ranking) Top 1 in Decode and Top 1 in Cryptography and Top 1 in Codes Top 5 Ciphers Top 1 in Morse Code
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Gods eye, Ghostly sight/ Bill cipher X reader/ by YamxGrimDarkLord13
Gods eye, Ghostly sight/ Bill YamxGrimLord
/ COMPLETED/ The reader's mother sends reader to gravity falls after paying off a man known as Stan pines to take good care of the reader for her, the reader befriends...
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Our secret love| Willdip by Cielismysenpai
Our secret love| Willdipby Random_fanfics_yay
A romance between a demon and his master, sounds simple but can easily be an almost deadly secret. So what'll happen when Mason finds out Wills feelings? And will their...
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The Son of Bill Cipher  by Bi-Butterfly13
The Son of Bill Cipher by Arixa
I'm reading this story called Bill Cipher's Son and it gave me the idea for this story. Also you should check out that story it's really good. Well anyway I hope you enj...
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Importance of a PineTree [Billdip] by BlueCipher0
Importance of a PineTree [Billdip]by Blue Leader
The PineTree in the zodiac is the most important symbol to Bill Cipher's Wheel. The other zodiac symbols on his Summoning Wheel also represent people and memories as wel...
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Author-Chan's ReaderXBill Lemon Picture Book by Rare_Orchid
Author-Chan's ReaderXBill Lemon PurplePotato
Just art I do. (Not computer art....NOT YET!!!!)
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Love Can't Be Stopped [Billdip Aftermath] by worm-king305
Love Can't Be Stopped [Billdip Stacys_Mom
Dipper and Mabel returned to Gravity Falls. But something isn't right. Mabel and Dipper are now 17 but are still the same as they were when they were 12.
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The Special Omega  by Another_Human3
The Special Omega by Another_Human3
Dipper pines desperately wants to find his mate but knows that won't happen till he's eighteen. Dipper is a kind,smart, beautiful and special omega.He was blessed with t...
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His Return (Bill Cipher x Reader) by krisleighn
His Return (Bill Cipher x Reader)by Leighn 🌼
A Human Bill Cipher x Reader (Editing) Bill Cipher Art made by Elentori
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It's Where My Demons Hide by NinjaLuna
It's Where My Demons Hideby DRĘAMBĘÑDËR
In which Dipper Pines has to sort out his priorities and stop freaking out over the fact that he burnt his best friend's mansion and owed a certain dream demon a life de...
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DETECTIVE by ImDarkerThanBlack
Learn some codes and ciphers, Facts, and some riddles to solve. Read this book and start being a detective. Best Rankings Achieved Top 1 in Decode and Top 1 in cryptogra...
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Bill Cipher x Reader One Shots (Remastering) by Chye102
Bill Cipher x Reader One Shots ( Yo Anxious Pal Chye
* Thanks for all the reads, comments and votes my lovely readers! * * Title says it all! Don't be afraid to request! Any x reader categories * * Updates are slow * Sexua...
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The Triangle's Mate  by Another_Human3
The Triangle's Mate by Another_Human3
Dipper and Mabel's mother was killed because of who Dipper's mate is. Some people fear his mate. Others respect him. And many just think he is a good person. After al...
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