Chapter 7

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Dipper and Bill were in the blonde’s room watching over the passed out Will Cipher on the bed.

"He saw us, oh darkness, he saw us..." Dipper panics hiding his face in his hands.

Bill went over to Dipper and patted his head in a comforting way. "Calm down PineTree. Look, how about you head home now, it's getting rather late for you already. I'll take care of my brother and make sure he keeps quiet about us."

"But Bill-"

"Trust me PineTree. Everything will be okay, I promise you."

The young vampire hesitantly nodded and gave Bill a quick hug. Bill hugged him back and went for the window. Dipper followed behind him watching the human open the window wide for him. Bill stepped aside and let Dipper through.

"Should I come back tomorrow?" Dipper asked his friend.

Bill smiled sadly at him. "Missing one night wouldn't hurt us PineTree. Just for safety measures okay."

The brunet looked at his necklace around Bill's neck. "Bye Bill, I'm sorry."
"I'm sorry too PineTree, but things will work out for us, I made my promise to protect you with my life." Bill gave Dipper a long look before the separated from each other. "We'll see each other soon."

"Yeah." Dipper flew off towards his home.

+End of Flashback+

Bill sighed after he woke up in the morning. He was now watching his sleeping brother waiting for him to get up. 'Oh Will, please understand me when we talk.' He thought in hope.
His brother started to stir awake and his baby blue eyes final fluttered open. Will groaned as he sat up from on the bed, he looked left and right before looking at his twin. Then he remembered the events of what happened last night came rushing through his head.

"Gosh B-Bill are you alright?! D-Did that vampire hurt you in any way?!" His panic state returned.

Bill calmed his brother down first by saying he was okay and wasn't hurt at all. "Will you have to listen to me okay. We will not speak of this in front of anybody ever. This is between us brothers okay. I'll explains everything after breakfast, until then, not a word about anything you saw with me and PineTree last night. Got it?"


"No butts, no nuts, no coconuts!" Bill says to his brother with a returning grin on his face. He pulled his brother out of his bed and led him downstairs to the dining room to have breakfast.
Breakfast was quiet, their parents didn't know what their sons Bill and Will couldn't bring up anything to say.
So, they had a silent breakfast together for the first time.

+With Dipper+

Dipper laid on his bed thinking about Bill and his brother who saw them both together last night. 'Oh, darkness please help us keep our secret. I can't think of passing a human who wants to have a vampire as a friend. Especially a friend I made all by myself for the first time.' He thought in hopes that their secret friendship would stay.

Just then Mabel bursts into his room which made him fall off the bed. "Omg! Bro Bro!" She exclaimed rushing over to her fallen brother.

Dipper groaned as he sat up. "Oh, everything hurts..." He looked over to his sister who was giving him a worried look. "What is it Mabel?"

"It's the council Dipper! They have gone off their rockers!" Mabel yells as she watches her brother sit on his bed.
Dipper rolls his eyes. "It's the council, what's the big deal?"

"They decided that all territories should all fight together to take over the rest of the land where the human's live!"

The young vampire’s eyes widened at his sister's words. "They're crazy if they want to do that! Mabel get everyone together and tell them the news. I'm heading over to the council right now to protest the idea." His sister left quickly, and Dipper got down to work. He got his notebooks and ran out of the shack towards the council HQ. 'Those idiots are making a big mistake it they do that!'

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