Chapter 11

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+With Bill+

Bill made his way up the stairs and soon towards his room. Easily pushing his doors open and noticing the fact that none of his stuff had been touched over the six years he was gone. Everything left just like the day he left it, he would only smile. Bill was quick to move into his room, soon searching it eagerly for his sketch books. It didn't take him long to find them, a soft smile on his face as he sighed happily. Moments later he was rushing over to his bed after throwing the books onto it. Getting down on his knees he would look under his large bed, soon pulling out his suitcase. 

It was, in fact, already packed. Bill assumed he would run away one day, and he didn't want to have to take the time to pack when he did decide to. Filled to the brim with his clothes and few other things he thought he would need. He also had a bag under his bed that he pulled out with his suitcase. Both being a bright yellow, the handles/straps being black. His panther had followed him into his room and was now laying beside the door, relaxing as he stood guard. 

Bill would quickly shove his sketch books into the book bag he had, before soon grabbing his various hygiene products from his bathroom and throwing them in there as well. Once he was finished, he would stare down at his large blanket and pillows, questioning how he'd pack them as well. By this time, Bill came into the room, poking his head around the corner and drawing a low growl from Hypnos.  This caused Bill's twin to jolt and let out a squeak, trembling as he backed away slowly. 

"Hypnos! Stop!" Came Bill's angered voice, causing the large beast to huff and soon slip back into a corner of the room. He would lay down once more, but he kept a close eye on Will. Bill would watch the panther, before soon turning towards his brother and smile, "Hey Will! It's great to see you!" Came his cheerful voice as he soon engulfed Will in a tight hug. One that Will would cautiously return, tears welling in his eyes as he spoke, "A-Are y-you r-r-really l-leaving..?" A frown appeared on Bill's face and he soon pulled away. 

"Please don't cry Will. I'll visit lots, I promise. But I wanna go and live my life, live with Pinetree." Bill would do his best to wipe his brother's tears, smiling softly at him as he did so. "I'll tell you all the crazy things I do, so please don't be upset. I can even show you how to get to our home, but you gotta promise to not tell anyone else unless we say, okay?" Bill gave Will a hard look, and his brother would slowly nod, wiping away his tears before doing his best to give his brother a smile. 

"P-Promise you'll be safe..That you'll keep me updated..?" Will said that for a few reasons, one being that he's worried for his sibling and friend, the other being that he could tell Burning Tree about everything that went on. He thought about telling Bill about his contract with Burning Tree but quickly decided against it. Bill might stop telling him about what's going on if he knew he would just go and tell Dominic's counterpart. So instead, he kept silent on it, smiling up at his brother who gave Will a nod. 

"Of course! I'll send you a letter every month! If you don't hear from me I either forgot to send one or died!" Bill joked, grinning brightly at his sibling who gave him an upset look. "Bill! Don't say that!" Came his upset response which only made Bill laugh as he nodded. "I'm only kidding... mostly. So how has everything been here?" Came Bill's eager question before Will perked up. Soon he was going over everything that happened in the past six years that the two were gone, how everyone was currently living in peace. As he recalled each event, Bill grew happier, finding hope within the society that was slowly being built.

"That's fantastic! I thought for sure you all would still be at war." Came Bill's happy response, to which Will merely nodded. "S-So since everything i-is fine.. Are y-you still gonna l-leave..?" Will asked, hoping that since there was no more fighting he would stay home with them, along with Pinetree. So that way neither of the two families had to worry about either male. Bill would only nod, "I'm-..."

+With Dipper+

"...still gonna live with him. I'm happy with him, happier than I've ever been before. I don't think I'd ever really live here again. I actually came to just pick up a few of my things before heading out. After checking in with all of you of course." Of course Dipper's family was a bit worried about the choices Dipper was making, but they could also do little to stop him. "I'll keep in touch I promise, I'll come visit you all once a month. If Bill wants, I can even bring him along so you all can meet him!" Dipper smiled at his family, showing off his sharp fangs. "Who knows what'll happen in the future, we might even start our own business together!" 

Dipper grew more excited at the thought of this, after all, Bill had always wanted to go off and do something he loved. Which they both now had as much freedom to do such together. "I'll have to talk it over with Bill, but I'm pretty sure he'll be fine with me letting you know where we live. He directed his attention to Mabel, giving her a soft smile. "But I'm only telling you Mabel." This caused the elder vampires to immediately protest, looking at Dipper in shock. But he only held up his hand until they quieted down. 

"Bill and I want to be able to have this, free from restrictions and free to be who we are. If we go out and tell everyone where we live then it'll just feel like we're back home all over again. I'm sorry." With that, Dipper would get up and quickly make his way over to the stairs. Heading up them and to their room, "Dipper wait!" Came the call of his sibling who soon rushed up the stairs after him, but only after she gave her Grunkles an apologetic smile. Once up the stairs, she would open the door. Noticing that Dipper was already almost packing away all his things, he already had little to begin with. 

The only thing he had was a lot of books, which caused Mable to snort as she watched him try to force his suitcase shut after putting as many books into it as he thought he could. The female would soon make her way into the room, shutting the door behind her and catching the attention of her vampire brother. He would give her a sheepish grin before watching as she went over to her side of the room and pulled out her suitcase. 

She would begin filling it with his books, and a few other things she thought he deeply needed for the time he spent away from them, like her scrapbook, glitter, and a few other obscure things. Of course, she kept them hidden at the bottom, placing his books on top quickly before soon shutting it. "Mable, that's your-" She would cut him off, "Nope! If you're gonna leave then you might as well take all of your dorky books. I won't be going anywhere anytime soon, so you can take my suitcase. BUT you have to bring it back when you get all your stuff out of it."

This caused Dipper to snort, she was purposely forcing him to visit soon just to return her property. Dipper would quickly engulf his sister in a bear hug, which she would quickly returned. "Thank you for being so supportive Mabes.. I promise I'll bring it back before the week is over." Dipper spoke, to which Mabel giggled out after pulling away, "Of course bro bro! Anything for true love!" She spoke, causing Dipper's face to redden and soon look towards her in surprise. "I knew it! You do love him! I can't wait to tell everyone that you fell in love with a human!" 

She teased him as she giggled, Dipper quick to protest her words, as he quickly covered her mouth. Trying to make sure she wasn't loud enough so others could hear. "Mabel! Don't say that so loud! I may like him just a tiny bit.." Dipper trailed off, and this brought a squeal from her. "Ooo you have to tell me everything!" She said after pulling her brother's hand from her face. Which is exactly what Dipper did, both sitting down on his bed as he explained his developing feelings for his human friend. 

+[Time Skip: Three hours] Gravity Falls- Forest+

After a few hours of explaining to their respective families about everything that was going on, Bill finishing a bit sooner than Dipper, which resulted in him waiting at the clearing that he and Dipper agreed upon. It didn't take him long to notice Dipper walking out from the brush, dragging two suitcases along while Bill had his suitcase and backpack. "Took you long enough Pinetree!" Bill spoke, happily smiling at his friend as Dipper chuckled. "Yea, my sister wanted to talk about everything." Came Dipper's shy response before smiling at Bill. "Ready to go home?" Bill asked, causing Dipper to nod excitedly. "Let's go home Bill." Dipper responded, soon taking Bill's hand as they traveled further into the woods. 

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