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Godly Love by Peachtree_
Godly Loveby Peachytree馃崙馃尦
For centuries people have believed in gods for certain things. They aren't perfect with their skills, so, they learn at a very young age. High school for Gods, goddess...
  • mabel
  • pyroncia
  • keyhole
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Unexpected Game (Billdip) by BlueCipher0
Unexpected Game (Billdip)by Blue Leader
[Going under cleaning] Weirdmageddon is happening, but something is different. Has Bill really won the game? Is the world finally under Bill's reign? What if Dipper didn...
  • billdip
  • savingtheworld
  • magicabilities
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Oak Tree | BillDip by hawkfrost_swag
Oak Tree | BillDipby s蕼岽岽呩磸岽瑟纱散岽囀
"Eeny!" Pine tree. "Meeny!" Shooting star. "Miney!" Pine tree. "YOU!!" Shooting star. "Wait!" Dipper forced out. &q...
  • dipperpines
  • ford
  • mabelpines
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iNsANe - BillDip by enessayant
iNsANe - BillDipby Pandemonium is a lit word, gu...
|| THIS STORY HAS BEEN ADOPTED || When a child is of the young age of just twelve, they are rushed into a hospital like structure. Inside this tall building, they are t...
  • pines
  • billdipau
  • billdip
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My little Kitten (Billdip) by Dashing_diva
My little Kitten (Billdip)by Dashing_diva
In a terrible accident Dipper died. But he was then reincarnated into an familiarly unfamiliar form on which he was picked up by none other than Bill Cipher. -Excerpt- C...
  • neko
  • fanfic
  • sad
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The Phoenix (Gravity Falls Dipper x Reader) by IvBeauty
The Phoenix (Gravity Falls Dipper...by 馃尮Hearts & Roses鉂わ笍
Dipper Pines thought that a summer in Gravity Falls with his twin sister Mabel and his weird great uncle Stan working at the Mystery Shack would be the most boring summe...
  • dipperpines
  • phoenix
  • flame
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Bill Cipher's Son by BlueCipher0
Bill Cipher's Sonby Blue Leader
Bill wanted someone to care for and share his knowledge with, just between the two of them. But Bill never wanted a lover, being a demon was an advantage because they we...
  • glasses
  • pinetree
  • demons
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BillDip: Beauty and the Dream Demon by GriffinGirlElizabeth
BillDip: Beauty and the Dream Demonby GriffinGirlElizabeth
Dipper and Mabel, now seventeen years old, have decided to stay in Gravity Falls with Stan and Ford. Dipper is still the same, a big geek and a bookworm, and Mabel is st...
  • stanford
  • gravityfalls
  • forthwall
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Give in to the darkness billdip by chefri07
Give in to the darkness billdipby chefri07
Dipper made a deal with bill to keep Mabel safe. Bill's going to show Dipper that no one truly needs him except for well.. Bill. Everyone will notice that dippers being...
  • dipper
  • cipher
  • betrayal
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I'm iNSaNE, What's you're point? (Billdip fanfic) by loverboi_lance
I'm iNSaNE, What's you're point? (...by loverboi_lance
TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains BAD GRAMMAR (depressing and suicidal thoughts) so please don't read if you can't handle. If you can then good, if you can't but stil...
  • gravityfalls
  • dipper
  • heartbreak
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Beauty and the Dorito (Bill Cipher X Reader) by cunzy4
Beauty and the Dorito (Bill Cipher...by cunzy4
It's the classic fairy tale- with a triangular twist! Y/N is a beautiful but obnoxious girl in a fairy-tale kingdom. When she is forced to live in the Fearamid with th...
  • trianglebill
  • dorito
  • bedtimestory
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Cipher's Son {ON HOLD} by NjDc7809
Cipher's Son {ON HOLD}by heartanime_7809
Bill finds his long lost son. But what if he discovers that his son is his enemy? Ford protects him and keep him out of harm, but what if the son finds out he is a demon...
  • ford
  • mabel
  • reversegravityfalls
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Sweet nightmares! ~ Bill cipher 脳 Reader ~ ( Complete ) by wolf-sister
Sweet nightmares! ~ Bill cipher 脳...by NEW ACCOUNT
  • xreader
  • billcipher
  • creepypasta
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The Lost Son | Gravity Falls (CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN) by Sadistic_Cipher
The Lost Son | Gravity Falls (CURR...by s谈a谈d谈i谈s谈t谈i谈c谈c谈i谈p谈h谈e谈r谈
"It is something that only Fiddleford and I know about. A long kept secret, so big and so dangerous that I didn't even dare to write about it in my journals. Now, a...
  • weirdmaggedon
  • dipper
  • bipper
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Life In Gravity Falls (dipper x reader)  by IvBeauty
Life In Gravity Falls (dipper x re...by 馃尮Hearts & Roses鉂わ笍
You're a girl who lives and works at the Mystery Shack after you're whole family mysteriously disappears and Stan Pines takes you under his wing. One summer, his niece a...
  • dipper
  • completed
  • gravityfalls
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No More Pinetree by EJbunnyface
No More Pinetreeby EJbunnyface
Dipper and Mable have just arrived back in gravity falls.They are hoping for a relatively relaxing summer, but Dipper keeps having strange dreams of bill. Until one day...
  • billcipher
  • dipperpines
  • alcor
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Bill's Daughter (DipperxReader) {COMPLETED} by TaffyMochi
Bill's Daughter (DipperxReader) {C...by ShizZyDingDoNg
DISCLAIMER:I DO NOT OWN GRAVITY FALLS Y/N,daughter of Bill Cipher. She helps her father get revenge on the Pines twins. But what happens when she falls in love with some...
  • love
  • completed
  • gravityfalls
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I Have My Reasons by miagirl33
I Have My Reasonsby Ashboy
Dipper and Mabel are starting their freshman year in highschool. They still go to gravity falls every summer and break they get. After the apocalypse bill became an ex-d...
  • bill
  • mabel
  • wattpride
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A Summer in Gravity Falls (A Dipper x Reader) by Llamacorn12345
A Summer in Gravity Falls (A Dippe...by Llamacorn12345
I am new to book making, just so you know, but anyways, here! You are coming to spend your summer with your family, and you meet a peppy, fun, random girl with a shy, my...
  • dipper
  • falls
  • romance
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Silent tears (dipper x reader by Kazuki15
Silent tears (dipper x readerby Kazuki rose
It's been a couple years, and now dipper and Mable are now sixteen. life in gravity falls is the same as always, crazy. But dipper and mable meet two new people that wil...
  • mable
  • reader
  • bill
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