Chapter 12

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+Mountain Cave: New Home+

Bill would lag somewhat behind Dipper, watching the excited vampire as he headed back to their makeshift home. His eyes soon turning to look towards the two panthers that walked on either side of the duo. "So.. Pinetree, what do you think we should do about our new home?" Came Bill's excited voice as he quickly caught up with the vampire and soon give him a smile. "Ah, well I think we should start working on expanding it, since a one room wooden cabin hidden halfway through a cave won't last us very long."

He spoke calmly, giving  his friend a smile before turning his attention back to their cave home. They thought it would be easier to live within the cave, since it would provide a nice roof over their heads and the perfect shield against the elements. Even so, they would have to build a few extra things if they didn't want to have to bathe in the lake at the bottom of the mountain anymore. "We should probably start with a bathroom..maybe we can ask someone to build us one? Though it would be a bit difficult to get pipes all the way out here.."

Bill listened intently as his friend continued, nodding gently in agreement as they reached the large cave that kept them sheltered for the past six years. Soon heading inside it, they continued to talk about plans of truly making their house, a home. They would walk deeper into the cave before soon running into a cabin, easily tucked far enough from the entrance so the seasons wouldn't ruin the rather shady framework. Neither of the two were anything close to carpenters but they would have tried their best, the cabin having done them fine for the time being. 

Though it looked a little plain, since the two were more focused on survival rather than comfortable living. "Hm..Well, how about we head back and get some tools? Then start completely over? Once we get some rooms in, the floor, walls, and other things taken care of, we can settle down." Bill spoke rather ambitiously, which caused Dipper to look towards him with wide eyes. "Bill that could take months!" Came Dipper's surprised words, looking towards his friend in shock. "Well it would..But think about how happy we'd be after it was all done. I'm pretty sure my parents would be willing to help put us in touch with the right people."

Dipper would sigh heavily, this meant that they'd have to go back into town again. "What about the whole, 'We're gonna tell as little people about this as possible' thing?" Dipper spoke, soon gently setting down his suitcases right in front of the cabin. "Ah well, if we just tell the people who will actually come up here and work on our home about it, then I don't see much of a problem." Bill spoke, sometimes he sounded a little...stupid to Dipper. The vampire shaking his head and soon sighing. 

"Bill if we tell them where we live what's stopping them from telling others too?" Dipper began to reason with the young human, before he quickly spoke, "We swear them to secrecy! Tell them that if they tell anyone they won't get a penny out of us!" Bill spoke proudly, feeling as if he solved everything with that statement alone. "Bill.. You do realize neither of us have jobs? That we'd be asking our families to pay for the building of this grand house idea you have?" Bill grew silent at this, blinking momentarily only to let out a frustrated groan.

The human would run a hand through his hair, whining out as Dipper chuckled at his still very childish behaviors. "C'mon, if you're really serious about this we can talk it over inside, it's starting to get late." Dipper spoke, holding his hand out to his friend who would soon take it. Giving the vampire a sheepish smile before both of them headed into their single room cabin. Not before grabbing their bags of course, and pulling them inside. The room was mostly empty, the panthers who followed behind the two would find a corner. Both laying down before Hypnos began grooming Asteria. 

Bill would lay down on the makeshift bed, which was really just a sheet covering lots of hay and cotton. All while Dipper began unpacking his things and finding various areas to put them until they decided on what they would do with things. 

+[Time Skip: Few hours] Mountain Cave: New Home+

After a few hours of talking it over. Both soon found themselves realizing they couldn't keep their little hide out secret for much longer. Especially if they truly wanted to live their for a long period of time. This resulted in both of them agreeing that once the month was over, they'd ask for help building a better home for all of them to live within. Since this was the case, they would also have the month to stock up on food while they both looked for a job. Much to Bill's displeasure, since he rather enjoyed being able to live off the land like 'real men.' Of course, Dipper then explained all of the things that could happen to them if they didn't have a proper home. Which scared Bill quite a bit, enough to agree with Dipper that they needed a home. 

With all that said and done, Dipper and Bill would split up. Dipper was meant to go out into the woods and hunt for food for the rest of the evening and Bill was to sleep so he could wake up early next morning and go job hunting. Bill didn't really like the idea, but had to if they wanted to pay for most of the costs for their homes on their own. Which was another idea Bill ended up coming up with, something along the lines of, 'Real men don't ask others for favors unless they can pay them back.'

Bill having gotten all these ideas of how 'real men' should act from one of the various books Dipper owned along with whatever his father must have taught him. Which constantly had Dipper snickering or rolling his eyes, depending on the context. Both the panthers had also gone out with Dipper to help catch as much food as possible. Both were very oblivious to the fact that they were already being spied upon by a vampire that looked eerily similar to Dipper. The vampire making sure Dipper was long gone from the home before he would leap down from a tree and quickly make his way towards the cave Bill and Dipper shared. 

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