Chapter 15

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+Mountain Cave: New Home+ 

Tyrone would stand tall, yet his hardened gaze wasn't missed by Dipper, who would soon look away rather shyly. They remained like this for sometime, Dipper twiddling with his thumbs as he shrunk under the gaze of his doppelganger. It took what felt, like ages to Dipper, for Tyrone to actually speak to him. "I saw the little shack you've been calling a home for the past couple years. Though it looks more like someone tried to hold together a house with a few twigs and some hay. I hope you've been safe while staying with that human." 

The words made Dipper perk up and he soon nodded, smiling softly at his double as he responded, "Well, we're doing pretty fine.. Bill and I agreed that we should probably try to get a real home built though, which is why Bill planned to go job searching in the morning, since we'd need money to even get the home built. That and we're trying to keep our whereabouts on a need to know basis. Which is why I'm a little confused on how you figured out..and wondering if you told anyone else about it..?" Dipper listened eagerly, staring at his copy with an interested, if not, scholarly look. 

"Well we could easily help you get a proper home built, of course it would be for free, however, you'd have to keep us informed on how things are here, a letter once a week should suffice. I did not tell anyone else, though no doubt you have everyone worried sick." Perking up, Dipper looked towards Tyrone with wide eyes. "No! That's definitely not enough payment, even then, it's good that Bill puts all his skills to work." 

Tyrone rolled his eyes, soon speaking, "You two made a promise contract correct? He protects you no? Then my or your family can employ him as your protector, he can receive payments, and of course, any protector gets some sort of home if they don't already have one that's satisfactory. I see no issue with this." Dipper hummed in thought, he supposed it would be a good job, plus they would have money to go and do other things as well. Though Dipper would still prefer to hunt for his food, he could also have some of those delicious fruits that he had back when he first met Bill. "Alright I suppose.. But you have to give me time."

"Time? What for?" Tyrone responded, though Dipper could hear the curiosity in his tone. "Well for starters, I need to tell Bill all this, then we have to get everything and move it out so you all have space an-" Tyrone cut off Dipper, holding his hand up. "Dominic, calm yourself, you're over thinking things again. All you have to do is tell your human, we'll handle your things just fine. You just need to stay out of your...home, for a day or two. All of your important things will be placed within the entrance way."

Dipper smiled, soon quickly hugging his copy, a grin on his face as he spoke. "Thank you so much Tyrone! Bill and I will be gone by next morning and then you can do whatever you need to. That'll be enough time to let everything settle with Bill." Tyrone nodded, gently returning the hug before soon pulling away. "I'm glad to know you're still okay, if that human of yours harms even one hair on your head, I'll be sure to personally erase him from existence."  Giving Dipper a small smile, the vampire would soon back off, before turning to leave. 

"T-Thanks for worrying..?" Dipper mumbled the words out in response, before watching as his double got ready to leave. Waving slightly, Dipper spoke excitedly, "See you around Tyrone!" For a brief moment, Tyrone looked back, and Dipper could just barely catch the smile in his eyes, before the vampire took off. Disappearing into the night and most likely back home. Dipper stood there for a moment, before turning his attention back to their shared home. Soon he was moving back towards it, before remembering why he even hesitated in the first place. 

This left him a bit worried for a brief moment, before he quickly shook his head and traveled inside. Bill was sleeping, rather loudly mind you, which was a good and bad thing all in it's own right. But Dipper found himself smiling anyways as he stared at the human. He felt like Bill was rather cute the way he slept, even it was a rather messy and noisy way, it still somehow made Dipper's heart flutter. The vampire found himself almost lost, staring over the male's features as  he slowly made his way over to Bill. Soon Dipper was standing over Bill, smiling softly as he crouched down.

Carefully, he would brush some of Bill's hair from his face, soon staring over his perfect features. The blond male had captured Dipper's heart and rendered him useless to his looks. Dipper soon found himself leaning closer, as if trapped in a daze that he really couldn't pull himself from. His lips were soon a hairs breath away from Bill's and he wanted to complete the bond. He was just about to, that was, until Bill let out a soft snore, which caused Dipper to jolt. Jumping back slightly as he quickly scrambled away. 

A dark blush rested upon his cheeks as he watched Bill turn over and soon get more comfortable. He had almost kissed Bill..the thought rattled his mind and he quickly scrambled backwards until his back was against the other side of the cave wall and he was as far as he could get from Bill. What was wrong with him lately..first the waterfall thing..and now this..when would he be able to get any control over himself? Dipper buried his head in his knees, trying to ignore his desire to wake Bill and apologize. Instead he would screw his eyes shut and cry. 

+Mountain Cave: New Home (Morning)+ 

Dipper awoke, though groggy and still rather tired, but the sound of Bill's hyper activity was easily getting to him. "Bill..? What are you doing..?" The blonde would turn his attention to the vampire that was huddled within a corner, seemingly attempting to get as far away from Bill's side of the 'room' as he could. "I can't believe you're still asleep pinetree! I thought you would have been more excited to see me head off! You were the one telling me I needed to for our house." Bill spoke, he stood in front of the tired vampire, who only let out a low hiss. 

"Why are you going to go do that..? Tyrone is going to employ you and build our house.. Now stop making so much noise so that way I can sleep.." Dipper mumbled out, before allowing his eyes to slip closed once more, though that was short lived as Bill nearly screamed out. "What?!? When did this happen??" He spoke out, quickly picking Dipper up and shaking him rather wildly. This made the tired boy groan out in annoyance, no doubt this was going to be a long day or two. 

Filler? Maybe. It progresses the story so lets just say it was more talk heavy. Which hopefully will be a rarity. See you tomorrow.

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