Chapter 10

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+[Time Skip: 6 years passed] Gravity Falls- Forest+   

Stan and Ford were in the kitchen talking. Ford reading the newspaper and his twin cooking breakfast.   

Mabel ran into the room with a grin as she saw her family. She looked to the empty seat next to her Grunkle Ford. "Morning you two!" She says in a cheerful tone as she took her seat at the table.   

"Morning." Ford greeted her then took a sip of his drink.   

"Morning to you too Pumpkin. Here's breakfast, I made your favorite." Stan says pleased with his cooking skills.   

Ford heard knocking from the front door of the shack. "I'll go see who's at the door." The old man got up from his seat and walked out of the room. He got to the door and opened it up.
"Hello, how may I-"   

"Hey Great Uncle Ford."   

Ford dropped the journal he had in his hand.   


+Gravity Falls-Cipher Mansion+   

The Cipher family and their relatives were eating breakfast together. It had started after Bill had gone missing after the war with the vampires.   

"Will, son, can you please stop playing around with your food." Ayisha said to her son.
"Sorry Mother." Will apologized as he set his fork down. "I'm full now."   

"So am I." Tad said after wiping his mouth.   

Nella nodded. "As am I."   

"Okay than kids, your excused, but-" Wyatt was interrupted when the butler came running into the dinning room. "Good heavens Alfred! Why did you run all the way here?" He asked the man surprised.   

Alfred took a few breaths before answering. "Master, your son Bill..." He huffed. "He's-"   

"I'm back you worthless meatsacks." They heard the familiar voice of the blond. Everyone turned their eyes to the person leaning against the frame of the doorway.   


+Back with Dipper+   

The brunet vampire sat across the table from his family members as he calmly drank so water that was offered. The Pines family tense in his presence.   

"Why are you guys so tense? I've been here for like a few minutes already and you guys act like I've shown you something unknown." Dipper tells them with a small chuckle.   

"It's just- Dipper, you just upped and left us with some human during the fight. It was a shocker to all of us." Mabel tells her brother. "You even protected him when he could have been tricking you the whole time. 

Dipper shook his head as he smiled at them. "He would never hurt me Mabel. I know that for a fact." He picked up his cup and took a small sip of it.   

"How can you be so sure Dipper?" Stan questioned with a serious expression as well as relieved that his great nephew is safe.   

"I trust him Grunkle Stan, just as he does the same with me. We met days before the battle was decided. I promised I would protect him while he protected me." He truthfully told to his family. "I never regret one single moment of meeting him." There was a tone that Mabel couldn't quiet put her finger on, it was familiar.   

They talked awhile more about what had happened for the past few years while he was gone. What had changed? What had stayed the same? Anything new?   

"So, what happened to the battle between vampires and humans?" Dipper asked them with a little hesitance.   

Ford tapped his finger against his arm rest. "Well it was after you and that mysterious person left Dipper. Everyone in the northern battlefield were stunned at the unexpected scene. The hunters called retreat and so did the vampires in fear that they would all be ready to attack us if we moved forward." The elder vampire explained to Dipper.   

He sighed as he explained more. "Many of the vampires rethought their actions and started following your example for a bit. Even starting to form their own craving in substitute food. So, on two years passed before some of the council and the hunters made a peace treaty. They'd donate some of their blood to use to in a small package, so we don't have to take it from humans directly. While the humans get some of our labor that we produce over the year in return for the blood they give us." He explained with a proud smile.   

Dipper's expression turned into a soft look. He let out a quit sigh of relief. "That's sounds like music to my ears. I'm so happy." A genuine smile graced his face that made his family glad to see again.   

Mabel went to her brother and gave him a loving hug. "It's great to have you back with us bro bro."   

"I'm glad to be back Mabel."   

"That reminds me... What happened to that human you ran off with?" Stan asked.  

"Ah, he-"   

+Cipher Mansion+   

Bill was laughing like crazy when his family had started asking him quick question per minute. How couldn't he when they looked so shell shocked and being worry worts. Though his brother did look at him with a happy and somewhat understandable expression.   

"Bill! Thank goodness you're safe. Oh heavens, where were you all this time?!" His mother says while looking over her son's form.   

"Jeez Mother, I was just keeping my promise and protecting someone like I promised them." Bill told her with his signature grin with more happiness in it.   

His Father didn't seem pleased with the answer. "That doesn't mean you could go and disappear from is for 6 years young man. What you did was dangerous and stupid, you are never to do that again." Wyatt told his son in a stern tone. His expression softens a bit when he saw his son's blank look.   

Bill scratched the back of his head and glanced away from his Father's eyes. "Haha, you're the same as ever old man." He chuckled. "But..." When he looked back at his family, his eyes gleamed with dangerous intent. "I will do as I please. That is so I may keep my promises to him."
'Him?' Will thought and Dipper popped into his head. 'Ah he must be talking about PineTree. I should send a letter to Burning Tree about this.'   

"Anyways, I just came by to pick up some of my stuff. So, I'll be out of your hairs once I get them." The blond stood up only to be tackled to the ground by his two cousins. "Tad! Nella! Let me go!" He says as he struggles to get up.   

Tad and Nella hold him down firmly.   

"Bill you have been got for 6 bloody years! You are staying here after making us so worried!" Tad exclaimed while shaking his cousin.   

Nella hugged Bill tightly. "We missed you dang it!"   

Will watched his brother slightly failed at getting out of their cousins' hold while acting helplessly all the while. He chuckled and waited to be able to speak with his brother in private.
The blond male held his hand to his mouth and whistled loudly for something. They heard some surprised cries from the hallway up until it appeared through the doors. A dark fur panther came into the room with made the family hold still.   

"Hypnos, a little help, but don't hurt them." Bill says firmly at the panther. The creature came close to the three and growled at Tad and Nella who backed away. Hypnos put itself over Bill's lap in a guarding position. Bill sat up a bit and stroked the back of the panther.   

"You have a panther?!" His Father exclaimed wide eyed.   

Bill laughed and grinned. "Yeah! Meet Hypnos and his friend on the second day I was secretly gone to help protect him. Then I again, he would have needed the extra protection and Hypnos doesn't like being too far from Asteria even though she can absolutely handle being by herself without him."   

Will knew he was talking about Dipper. 'Asteria...' He looked at the panther guarding Bill. 'It must be another panther then.' He thought hearing the panther purr at the sound of the other name.
"No if you'll excuse me, I just need to pick up a few things from my room." He looked over to will who had been quiet the entire time. "Will, come with me." Bill says to his twin as he stands up. The blond walks passed the servants and door with his companion following after him.   

The twin looked between his retreating brother and his family.    

He follows after Bill to finally speak with him after all this time.

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