Chapter 13

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+Mountain Cave: New Home+ 

Bill lay upon his makeshift bed, snoring rather loudly with his legs and arms strewn about in various positions that made it look like he had been running in his sleep. He had covered his form with his blanket some time before he slept, covering up the fact that he wore nothing but his boxers underneath. His lounging off to the side, messily folded to attempt to avoid wrinkles while doing the least amount of effort possible. A young vampire was currently hovering over his sleeping form, a deep frown on his face as he reached out.

Soon the vampire took hold of Bill's blanket, ripping it off of his form and tossing it to the side. Cold air now hitting Bill's skin and causing his eyes to suddenly snap open, jolting as he quickly grabbed hold of his scythe. Taking the weapon and pointing it towards the neck of the sudden intruder. Though tired, Bill was easily woken up when he noticed that it was a person who had robbed him of his sleep. "I don't know who you are..But you better have a good reason as to why you came here." 

Bill's tone took on a much darker one, pushing his blade further against the neck of the intruder. It wasn't until Bill was able to take in the features of the person in the dim light did he begin to grow confused. "Pinetree..?" Came his confused voice only moments later. "So you're the one who took Dominic away from us? You look just like Will." At the mention of his brother, Bill grew a bit more guarded. "How do you know about my brother?" Bill asked quickly ready to cut down the person that stood before him. That was until he heard the familiar call of his friend.

"Bill? Are you asleep?" The 'intruder' would turn to look towards the door that was slowly opening, before he suddenly disappeared from sight. Bill would only assume he turned invisible, he must have been a vampire..But he looked just like Dipper. That must have been his opposite? Though Bill found this strange, he would ignore this for the time, turning his attention to his friend with a wide grin. "Hey Pinetree! What did you get?" Bill spoke rather happily, placing his blade off to the side before rushing over to his friend and tackling him in a hug.

This caused Dipper's cheeks to flush a bright red as he spoke, "B-Bill you're naked!" Came his surprised response, trying his best to push the human off of his form. "Huh? No I'm not, I have my boxers on." Bill would pull away, quickly looking down at his..ahem. To make sure he still had his boxers on, once confirming that he did, he would give Dipper a confused look. "B-Bill that still counts! Go put some clothes on!" Dipper would point to the door, quickly covering his eyes as he waited for Bill to leave with his clothes. 

"Sheesh Pinetree, never seen a handsome man naked before?" Bill spoke, but before Dipper could get a word in, Dipper could hear the door shutting and Bill's laughter. Once he was able to lower his hand, Dipper huffed out in frustration. His face a dark red as he made his way over to his 'bed.' "S-Stupid human.." Was all Dipper could mutter out before Bill was slamming the door open, causing their tiny shack to shake. "Honey I'm home!~" Dipper would shoot the male a glare, crossing his arms as he sat down on his side of the room. 

"Bill! Be gentle when you come in here, remember we're living in a tiny house made from wood the few things we could find in the woods to tie it all together." Bill rolled his eyes at this, soon nodding gently as he made his way over to his close friend. Plopping down on the 'bed' beside him, he would wrap his arm around his shoulder and hold him close to his form. "Awe c'mon Pinetree. I only tease. Plus, I'll be able to do that more often when I get a job." Bill joked, only causing the red faced teen to blush and let out a soft chuckle.

Dipper would gently push Bill off of his form, chuckling more as he spoke, "Aren't you supposed to be sleeping?" Bill would push Dipper a bit rougher in return, "Aren't you supposed to be cooking?" Dipper would roll his eyes now, pushing the human a bit harder in return. "Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for tomorrow?" This continued for some time, soon escalating into rough shoving. Dipper soon growling playfully as he suddenly tackled his human. Pinning him onto the cot and causing Bill to soon look up at him with surprise. 

"Wow Pinetree! Never knew how strong you were!" Came Bill's surprised words as he stared up at the growling vampire. Dipper would suddenly blink, slipping from his playful actions as a dark blush suddenly appeared on his face when he took note of the position they were in. "I-I.." Dipper was quick to sudden jump from his form, scrambling off of him as he blushed heavily. "S-Sorry Bill! I-I got carried away.." Dipper mumbled out, soon covering his face as he looked away. Bill would slowly sit up, dusting his form off before looking towards his friend with a happy smile.

"Don't be sorry, that was really fun!" Bill gave his friend a really big and cheesy grin, soon getting up and making his way over to the vampire. "We should do that more often!" Bill's words only embarrassed Dipper further, who was now imagining a few sinful images. Which caused him to only grow more flustered as he suddenly rushed to get up, running over to his stuff and grabbing his towel and some soap. "I-I have to take a shower!" Dipper spoke quickly before rushing out the door and towards the waterfall hidden halfway up the mountain. 

Bill would blink gently as his friend ran out, leaving him alone in the cave to think about what had just happened. Dipper didn't smell bad to him..So what did he need a shower for? Gently scratching his head, Bill would call out to his friend's most likely already gone form. "Okay! I'm gonna go back to sleep then!" Bill wasn't very surprised when he got no answer, soon slowly making his way over to his bed and laying down upon it as he slipped his arms behind his head. Staring up at the ceiling, he only had one question in mind, "Why was Pinetree blushing so much?"

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