Chapter 29

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+Cave Home - Bill's bedroom [With Bill & Dipper]+

Dipper was extremely nervous, he hadn't had human's blood since he was young and had since refused to have it because he didn't want to capture humans or kill them for it. Yet now he was being offered it from someone he held close to his heart, the promise marks on their wrists, the pinetree necklace around Bill's neck, and the beautiful ring upon Dipper's finger was proof of these things after all. Yet he never once thought about drinking Bill's blood, it flustered and embarrassed him quite a bit now that he thought about it.

Yet even so, Bill was baring his neck to Dipper, willfully giving him access to the tender flesh and allowing him to have these thoughts whole heartedly. It scared Dipper so much, what if he lost control? What if he hurt Bill somehow? What if Bill didn't enjoy it? So many "what ifs" filled his mind, and caused him to hesitate more with each passing moment. He wanted, very badly to let himself do something so strange with Bill. Something that should have been far more common for the vampire to do. Yet it scared him just as much as it excited him.

Without warning, Bill's hand softly slipped onto Dipper's cheek. Causing the young male to look up at him in a bit of confusion, before soon getting lost in the comforting gaze the human offered. "It's okay Pinetree.. If anything happens I'll let you know. Don't worry about it too much." His tone was shockingly soft, causing Dipper to relax further at the sound of his voice. "I-I just don't want to hurt you Bill.." He mumbled out, drawing a chuckle from the blonde's lips. "I know you'd never hurt me Pinetree." 

Those words seemed to relax Dipper greatly, causing him to nod slowly as he gently nuzzled into Bill's palm. Enjoying the feel of his hand on his face, Dipper softly putting his hand upon Bills before moving closer to his form. Gently moving to bury his face in the human's neck, the vampire carefully sniffed at the male. Enjoying the strangely comforting scent that he had before soon kissing the sensitive flesh. Dipper could hear Bill's breath hitch, yet paid little mind as he continued on. Trailing kisses down to his collarbone, listening carefully to the sounds Bill made.

Dipper was searching for the spot that would cause the greatest reaction from Bill, resulting in plenty of gasps and soft shivers from Bill. Who was blushing a dark shade of red, trying to keep his noises quiet knowing fully well others were in the house. A moan slipped from the blonde's lips as Dipper finally happened upon his sweet spot, causing the vampire to suck and nibble upon the spot. Bill felt something stirring between his legs, causing him to grow even more flustered as a rather visible bulge began growing within his pants. A shiver running through his form as Dipper's fangs danced over his flesh and caused him to bite down on his lower lip.

"P-Pinetree..~" Bill couldn't help his soft moan, which was followed with a sudden gasp. Dipper's teeth puncturing the soft flesh and drawing drops of blood. The vampire eagerly lapping up the few drops, a sweet taste hitting his tongue, like honey. Dipper tended to have a sweet tooth, Bill was extremely enticing and caused him to grow rather aroused as well. Moving into Bill's lap, Dipper straddled him for a brief moment before pushing him back onto the bed. Feeling his bulge for a brief moment, and causing a dark blush to rise onto Dipper's cheeks as well.

Their bodies momentarily separated as Dipper hovered over him eagerly, Causing both of them to get a view of each other's aching need between their legs. Dipper quickly continued on, allowing his body to press against Bill's, his lips going back to his neck to continue suckling upon the small wound he created. Bill bucking slightly as soft moans and pants left him, struggling to ignore the bliss Dipper went out of his way to cause. Slowly, Dipper would move his fangs back to his neck, allowing them to finally sink past the few layers of flesh and into his body.

Blood leaked from the wound, easily filling Dipper's mouth and causing him to let out a muffled moan. His eyes glowing softly as he found a strange surge of power and arousal from the sweet blood. Dipper barely noticed the much louder moans and groans coming from Bill, who shockingly found quite a bit of pleasure in the action himself. "P-Pinetree please..~" His hands would tangle within the brunette's hair, tugging slightly upon the locks as he lifted one of his knees. Quite purposely rubbing it up against the bulge within Dipper's pants. 

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