Chapter 5

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+Forest with Dipper+

Dipper sighed as he saw the sun finally fell to the other side. 

"Is that a sigh I hear?"

The young vampire looked behind him and saw his look alike from the south. Dipper Gleeful, but his real name was Tyrone. "Hey Tyrone, I didn't know your group was heading out this early." He says smiling to the other.

Tyrone Gleeful is like an overprotective big brother to Dipper. He makes sure Dipper is safe and happy, that's his second main mission besides leading his territory. "Yeah, you know those hunters, always trying to keep us back from getting food. Last feeding didn't go as well, and my territory needs to fill themselves." He chuckled and came close to Dipper. "So how have things been at home Dominic? Is that weird vampire Prince still trying to get you?"

"More or less home's been the same as always with a few little changes. We're trying our best to keep everyone happy. Mabel's been learning from Stan and Ford about being the leader of the whole territory." Dipper chuckled and his expression turned a bit sour. "I'd just wish that irritating albino Prince would just leave me alone already. You know he came to see me the other day, gosh he even gave me a kiss on cheek, yuck." He shivered at the replay of yesterday in his head.

Tyrone shook his head making a gagging sound. "Well if I ever see him, I have to remind myself to give him the pleasure of my torture." He made some daggers from his pouch fly out and dance in a circle in front of Dipper.

"Seriously, what did I do to have an awesome brother figure like you dude?" Dipper laughed happily.

The Gleeful smiled softly. "Just you being alive and happy." He ruffed Dipper's hair and levitated of the ground. "I better get going now Dominic, stay safe okay?"

The other nodded, "Don't worry Tyrone, I'll be fine, promise! You watch out for yourself!" He watched as his brother figure give an okay then flies out towards his home territory to ready for the early feed. The young vampire himself went to the stream to start walking towards Bill's house.

It doesn't take long to get there by following the stream. Minutes later Dipper made it to Bill's house and flew over to the human's open window. "Bill!" He called out for the teen.
"I'm in the bathroom PineTree! Give me a moment!" Bill shouted back. His family must not be home if he's shouting back in reply.

Dipper chuckled and went to exploring Bill's room again. Taking in every nook and cranny of its layout while finding some interesting thinks. Like books, some child toys, boxes, papers, sketch pads or books, writing stuff, and clothes. He perched up when he heard the sound of the bathroom door open. Dipper turned around to see Bill dressed up in a yellow dress shirt and black pants. "So, what's the plan for today Bill?"

The human hummed in thought for a bit going over to the young vampire. "Tell me, did you eat yet?" He asked with a smile.

"Ah, I forgot to do that on the way here." Dipper realized.

Bill laughed and took Dipper's hand. "Let me show you some food we humans eat. If you don't like it, we could go to the forest and hunt for something you could eat." He leads the brunet out of his room and down stairs to the kitchen. No one was home so he could take Dipper anywhere in the mansion.

Once they got to the kitchen, Bill grabbed a few fruits and some of his dinner for tonight, then went to Dipper to show him. "Go ahead and try some."
The brunet took some bites out of the food Bill provide. His favorite ones being the apple and orange. "I like these! They're sweet even though the orange may be a bit sour."

Bill laughed and cleaned up some the food Dipper ate. "If you aren't satisfied, you could go out for a bit to feed."

"It's fine, these apples and oranges are delicious." Dipper says as he bit into the apple and moaned at the taste.

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