Chapter 20

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+Underground [With Dipper]+

A large dent appeared within the door, Dipper's fist having been reinforced with magic to pack an extra punch. Yet that didn't stop him from feeling the tingles of what he knew was an anti magic barrier. A weak one, seeing as anything stronger would have killed a weak vampire on impact. Which only meant more for the vampire, who quickly laid another blow into the steel door. Each blow stronger than the last until eventually the door popped from it's hinges and flew into the wall behind it. Leaving a large crater from the sheer amount of force.

Dipper chuckled, the wounds on his back were healing, slower than usual, but healing none the less. They must have coated that whip in some sort of toxin to slow a vampire's healing, a weaker one was used no doubt. A stronger one would have reduced his healing to nothing more than a human's speed. Which means he would have probably bled out and died from it. The thought sent shivers up his spine, yet he ignored this. He just had to get Will and Bill, and get out. After what the twin's parents had done to him, Dipper was beginning to learn that peace might be impossible.

There are most likely plenty of people on both sides who hate each other still. To the point where things like this would most likely always happen. How to stop this.. Dipper didn't know. He just wanted everyone, especially him, his family, and his lov- his best friend, to live in peace. Why was something like that so unreachable? In the end, the two people would most likely always be segregated. Something that brought a twinge of pain to his heart. "Maybe I can take anyone who doesn't hate the other race, and just have us go start fresh elsewhere.."

The vampire muttered to himself, limping down the hall and soon towards the stairs at the end. He didn't want people who hate within his world.. So he would take anyone who didn't. They can start a place of peace, anyone was welcomed as long as hate didn't fill their hearts. The thought, the more he began to plan it out, actually sounded like something he could do. Though it no doubt might be a place for attacks from those kept out. So they would have to be ready for things like that as well.

The brunet would bite his lower lip, allowing some blood to seep from it, though he soon licked it up later. He had to do it, he had to make a safe place for them. He had to make a safe place for Bill. It would take a lot, but rallying even a dozen people would be enough to get started. By now, Dipper had reached the top of the stairs. Standing in front of a wooden door and soon grasping the handle. Only to have a violent shock wrack his body, sending him flying backwards and soon down the stairs.

"F-For darkness sakes.." The male mumbled out, twitching slightly as the residue of electricity finished its course through his body. Slowly, the vampire would rise, questioning why Bill's family had so many methods for capturing vampires. Made him think they really never wanted peace to begin with. Regardless of the war that happened ages ago. The male would begin the painful journey back up the stairs, this time allowing his magic to coat his hand once more. Using it like a glove, he would carefully reach out. Grabbing the handle and slowly turning it.

Tingles ran through his form, the dull pain was upsetting, but not unbearable. Suddenly his power flared, sending his magic through the door and soon frying it. Causing the male to jump as he quickly pulled back. Staring down at the door that was now broken. The door handle had been crushed, bent at an uncomfortable angle and charred beyond recognition. The once gold colored handle was now a deep black. Turning his attention to his hand for a brief moment, "I.. Didn't know I could do that.." The vampire mumbled out, quickly opening the now harmless door and turning invisible.

He wasn't down there too long, which ie good, but anyone with even a half a sense of smell would be able to smell the fresh blood. Though it wasn't something humans could pick up as easily as vampires. So he had to move quick. In a moments notice, he would shut the door, trying to get them more time before they noticed he had escaped. Turning his nose up, the vampire carefully sniffed at the air. He didn't want to admit it, but he had a pretty good sense of what Bill smelled like.

He had uh.. Plenty of chanced to smell the male and his clothes. That's not weird right...? He only did it for times like this anyway, just in case something happened and he had to find Bill. Or that's what he told himself as he quickly floated up towards the high ceiling, flying through corridors and towards Bill's bedroom. Dipper would catch sight of both Tad and Nella. The white haired girl and the purple haired male were talking to each other, oblivious to the vampire's presence. "Do you honestly believe that vampire is innocent? You do realize some can brainwash others, correct?"

The albino girl spoke, not seeming to falter besides the taller male, if anything it only made her puff out her flat chest more. "Well, that's true, but that's a high level vampire ability. Usually something the Royal family would have, but if he's really some low level vampire, then he wouldn't be able to do that right?" Tad seemed a lot more relaxed than the girl, even leaning against the wall. Regardless of the fact that the girl stood at attention with her hands behind her back. "You can never be too careful. Those vermin are crafty, so it's better that we be more careful."

"I suppose that's true, but if he is low level, then those binds would be tortuous." Tad spoke once more, turning his attention to his cousin. "That just means when we go and get him in two days he'll be all the more willing to talk." She rolled her eyes slightly at his statement, the only real reaction she had this entire time. "And if he isn't?" Nella shook her head, "If he actually lasts that long, then we can always just beat it out of him." The hall grew quiet after that, Dipper hadn't realized, but he was holding his breath as he quickly flew from the hall and into the next one.

The vampire soon found himself in front of none other than his best friend's bedroom door. Soon landing in front of it and gently trying the handle. When he realized it was locked, he would quietly knock upon the door. "Bill?? Are you in there?" The vampire whisper yelled through the door. After a moment of no answer, the vampire was about to assume the male was gone, that was until he heard the voice of someone he missed more than anything. "Pine tree..? Is that you?"

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